Las Buitreras report #3


10 May Las Buitreras report #3

On the French side we had Nicolas -after being top rod on week #2- staying for the second week of his trip with us; Chantal, a second timer at Las Buitreras after a legendary first two seasons ago and a super group of gentlemen led by Mr Georges Lenzi.  The last member of this group was Ferruccio “Ferro” Rainoldi, the man in charge of representing the green/white/red flag of Italy. Finally, on the British side we had for the 12th year in this river, Derek, Martin, Richard and David. A group that pleases us every year by coming back and sharing a week fishing with Las Buitreras guides and staff. Even the conditions were not great, mainly because of low water level, the first day finished with 19 fish in the catch book, an average size of 10lb, with a 17 pounder for Richard and 5 other fresh sea trout of 15 lb+. The surrounding conditions: river in -20cm, 10°C avg. of temperature and dropping barometric pressure, close to 950 hPa. River level rose 4 inches (10cm) by the end of the first day after several days of rain both in this area and further upstream, close to the headwaters of this river, on the Chilean Andes.

Of course the British anglers have seen this river in all shapes and conditions after so many years: high, low, clear, muddy, too windy and too calm, full of fish or just waiting for them to arrive to the middle and most productive stretch of the Gallegos river. For them, the tougher the conditions the harder they work; certainly the true example of the right attitude to success in this type of fishing. On the other hand, we had this week an increase in the average weight, reaching the 10 lb! Also had Mr Nicolas Pariset being for the second week in a row best rod and catching the biggest fish!!! His secret, not much really, just hard work and one clear advantage, his trout fishing knowledge, because as we normally say, when the river is high we do “salmon fishing” and when its low “trout fishing”. For Nicolas it was his trout fishing experience what led him to the triumph! We had another great time with good friends, with guitar night led by Derek and Manuel, good fish and extraordinary food and the hospitality of a superb team of guides and lodge staff to make the whole experience of Las Buitreras something that goes beyond fishing.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 55 sea trout over 3lb
Average weight: 10 lb.
Best Rod: Nicolas Pariset (France) – 14 sea trout over 3lb.
Best Pool: “C” Pool
Best Fly/Flies: Yuk Bug & Silver Stoats Tail
Biggest Fish: 20 lb. (Nicolas Pariset)