Las Buitreras report #5


12 May Las Buitreras report #5

Ok, you (have to) take it easy after landing a bunch of huge King Salmon between 10 and 20 Kg in the King River, and even more if before that you had 534 rainbow trout with an average size of 9 lb in Jurassic Lake in only 3 days of fishing. Anyway, that was the thing with Wolfgang, Meta, Sara and Anders (aka “The Spors”) a world traveling fisherman family like no other, who make sure that there’s no fresh water monster they haven’t caught… atlantics, pacifics, sea trout, bows… you name it! So on our 5th week we welcomed at Las Buitreras a group of good friends from Sweden: the Spors with their (now ours too) good friends, Per, Thomas and Tobias, also with Lars staying for his second week with us, and finally from Ireland, Sean and Con. The river received this group of anglers with a fairly low level plus a bit of color in it. These are without doubt not easy and certainly very technical conditions where the single handed rods, long leaders and small flies were the key to achieve the challenge. In few words, big fish on light tackle… One thing was for sure: there were some biggies swimming around, and it didn’t take long before we had some in the catch book… it was of course Lars, for his second week in a row at our lodge who took care of it, hooking and landing not one but two 22 pounders in an hour, on the evening of the first day. For him, 44 pound of chrome muscle split into only two fish. Time of glory and joy, and from that moment on it was no more “just fishing” but “salsa fishing”, with the music going loud, while driving through the vastness of this Patagonian Estancia together with guide Diego.


Good things were still to come for the others too. Just like for Sean, who got for the second time his personal sea trout record out of Loop Hole in Beat #3, exactly like he did the year before, but this time going even bigger with a 23,5 lb. fresh sea run brown that became the biggest fish caught and released this week. Despite the fact that fishing was not easy, some pools like “Cantera” – one of the big pools in Zone 4 and the main fish holder in that area too – were stocked with fish, showing and rolling, just teasing us for most of the week, without being able to hook a single one… It was Con, Sean’s fishing partner and friend who broke the curse and caught his personal best for the week right there. A gorgeous 19,5 lb sea trout. “Los tres amigos” (the three friends) Per – almost a 20-20 club member last year  – Thomas and his son Tobias did it the best possible way, enjoying every session but working hard at the same time covering every pool. It took a couple of sessions until Tobias landed his first fish, after breaking a few off in Cantera and One Cast but redeeming himself when landing an 11 pounder with guide Juan Manuel in Molino. While all these was taking place Lars kept hooking fish –big ones of course- like his 18,5 lb. from Little Corner on a size #12 nymph, to keep his personal average weight above 13lb. Of course this week wouldn’t pass by without enjoying an Irish coffee night prepared by the experts Sean and Con, who also gave as a demonstration of how to use a famous Irish invention: the Kelly Kettle. We all got together that night, guests and staff, and played guitar and sang along, together, after another great time at this unique place away from home but that feels just like it.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 36 sea trout over 3lb for 10 anglers.
Average weight: 9,3 lb.
Top Rod: Sara Gjerswold (Sweden) – 6 sea trout over 3lb.
Best Pool: “C” Pool
Best Fly/Flies: EMB Rubber Legs
Biggest Fish: 23,5 lb. (Sean Mc Cullough)