Las Buitreras report #9


15 May Las Buitreras report #9

The group following Illtyd was: Phil Boote, Phil Dyson, Jamie, Ed, Brian, and the AAPGAI Instructors Neil and, for the second week with us, Glyn Freeman. With them it was also Mike who invited his brother Clive as a 65th birthday present. Unfortunately Mike Heaps and Simon Frobisher couldn’t join us this year, but we look forward to seeing them next season. Clive started right away showing the others than he was a man of big fish, and during the first session he had the first attempt to land a big Gallegos sea trout. This attempt failed, when the monster (25+lb) was almost landed. Still, he managed to redeem himself during the rest of the week by hooking a few in between 18 – 20+lb. and finally finishing with the fish that was also the biggest of the week. A 23 pounder caught on his third cast of the day after following guide Diego’s advice on how to fish “Cantera” pool in beat #4. Because of that his own personal average weight for the week was 16,6 lb!!! An amazing performance from Clive and a deserved result for him too. Also the experience on the whole of this group after several years fishing with us, and under all conditions showed immediately and made a huge difference.

Besides the big ones caught, most of the fresh run that came into the system these days had a smaller average, with large number of 3 pounders around that kept the action happening all over. Many things have happened in this area in the past and some stories like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid riding along this river have been told. The truth is that they did spend some time in this area, robbing banks and escaping the Pinkertons agents in remote South America. Still, for most, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” was only a movie, just fiction from Hollywood, but what they don’t know is that it happened right here, this week! The Buitreras staff rapidly recognized the three characters and put the “wanted” signs all over the lodge. According to the description they could figure who was who: The Good, Neal; The Bad, Glyn and – Illtyd…

The staff had the pleasure of sharing a great dinner with the guests on Thursday, when like the year before, the laughs and the stories were all over. Juan Manuel played guitar and sang, helped this time by the talented Phil Boote, while Hernan followed with the “Loop Opti Drums”. Certainly a display of talent that is not seen every day. We’d like to mention the great job and tuition done by host an group leader Illtyd Griffiths like he does every year, which helped them all getting the most of this trip and best experience fishing for sea run browns in Argentina.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 65 sea trout over 4lb for 10 anglers.
Average weight: 9,2 lb.
Top Rod: Jamie Harris (Wales) – 6 sea trout over 4lb.
Best Pool: “Limit Pools” (Beat Nr. 3)
Best Fly/Flies: Peacock Bomber #8.
Biggest Fish: 23 lb. Clive Humphreys (Wales)