Jurassic Lake report, Nov 19-26


06 Dec Jurassic Lake report, Nov 19-26

Jurassic Lake Weekly report by: Loop guide Diego Peralta
Date: Nov 19-26, 2011

Bo Jepson and Ulf Larssonn were the first anglers to arrive to the camp 19 th of november at night, just in the right time for dinner, starting the fishing week early in the morning, catching big silver ones in the beach and the first part of the river where the big ones are running up in this time of the year..! This guys really enjoy the fishing and the nice weather that they got, little cold they said, in the first 2 days.


November 22 the rest of this group arrived, Christer, Joe, Shane, Yngve and Ida, this last 2 came to make a movie… of the new “nanocross” rod, nature, wild life and of course fishing. Everybody tried the dry fly having great fishing, hooking nice number of fish pair day, thursday and friday the wind was very strong, around 100 km/h anyway the group found the casting a challenge and went out having like always very good fishing, last day at the camp the weather was fantastic warm some clouds and not wind..!


Total number of fish landed:
Biggest fish landed: 22 lbs