Las Buitreras Report, Dec 28 – Jan 7


13 Jan Las Buitreras Report, Dec 28 – Jan 7

Las Buitreras Weekly Report by: Stephan Dombaj
Date: 28th of December 2011 – 7th of January 2012

The gates of Las Buitreras have opened yet again to welcome the first well composed group of fellow anglers from the United Staates, the United Kingdome and Sweden to celebrate both the first rush of absolutely fresh seatrout and new year’s eve in the vast remote landscape of magellan patagonia. First week’s host, Christer Sjöberg, approved once again that his skills as an angler are only matched by his irrepresable urge to party – which turned our Estancia’s switched off location all over sudden into multilingual asado feast. No. 1 New Year’s pledge for 2012, starting the season with some solid chrome. A good one if you ask me, especially because this week’s group consisted out of Gallegos regulars…

Altough some fish had been taken just before New Year’s eve, it was our good friend Lars Ivarsson who had landed the first chrome bars of 2012, starting the year with a cracking 10lb followed by 14lb of solid chrome. If he keeps up the speed, it’s just a matter of time until he breaks his 22lb double header from 2011.

Yet again, it was a pleasure to welcome Frank Serbus, who’s at least as passionate about BBQ (Asado) as we are, and of course John Eames. A two man quick reaction force on it’s relentless pursuit of chrome fish.

To turn a journey into an adventure, it needs to be shared with others. A philosophy that 4rd time returners David and Sarah Roby are sharing for sure. May it be on a horseback ride thrthe valley of Rio Gallegos or a knuckle busting run of it’s chrome scaled steriod fish. Looking forward to seeing you a 5th time next season!

The “Swedish Connection” otherwise known as Peter Staude, Rolf Jansson, Patrik Lagerlöf, Jim Larsson and Kent performed flawlessly by using their advantage of costal seatrout experience as they provided both the biggest fish (Rolf) and the Top Rod (Kent).

Due to the lack of water, fishing affored greater focus on stealthy approach of possible hot spots but yet again, Gallegos has proven it’s only rule to be consistent: No one is leaving this River without catching a fish! The tendecy of less fish but an incredible increasement of sizes still remains strong, and so does the strain itself: Have you ever seen a 11 ½ lb at the length of 69cm? Neither did we, till we found one raging at the end of Kent’s line. We measured it twice to make sure that we were not mistaken. January in particular provides the highest quality of fish in terms of physical condition – in figures, 95% fish taken on week one were absolute fresh. A push of water at the beginning of the weekend marks both the arrival of another group of chrome hunters and of course another run of fresh fish into the system. Sharpen your hooks, there will be chrome!


Stephan Gian Dombaj
Solid Adventures



Fish over 10lb: 20
Percentage of Silver Fish: 95%
Average weight: 9,26lb.
Biggest Fish: 18lb (Rolf Jansson)
Top Rod: Kent Sommar (9)
Best Pool: Limits
Best Fly: Rubber Leg Nymph