Las Buitreras Report Week II, Jan 7 – Jan 14


19 Jan Las Buitreras Report Week II, Jan 7 – Jan 14

Las Buitreras Weekly Report by: Stephan Dombaj
Date: 7th of January – 14th of January 2012

A push of cold water from the Andes was promising for the group that arrived at Las Buitreras Camp on Saturday to ring the bell for the 2nd week at the Rio Gallegos watershed. Hosted by Christer Sjöberg and Göran Andersson, anglers from all over Europe gathered together to share the great experience of desert chrome. Drinking it in, it always goes down smooth. Smooth is just the right word to describe this week’s group. Apart from celebrating Don Chrillo’s second 27th birthday with an asado that rose the bar for the very definition of the word feast, we’ve had several casting demonstrations on our weekly schedule. Not to mention, the great company that we shared over some fine bottles of Malbec.

It was a pleasure to welcome this week’s host, Göran Andersson for his very first time at our estancia. As inventor of the underhand cast and leading force in scandi-style equipment development, he has proven the practical matter of his casting style to be deadly effective. This was born out of the cause that connects us all – catching fish. Göran shared his extensive knowledge about anadromous fish and the ways of approaching them with us. We shared and agreed upon the imprint that the Gallegos chrome bars left on him. Göran proclaimed,”…some of the most beautiful seatrout I have ever seen! Incredibly strong and well fed!“. His largest being a chromer that tipped the scales right above 16lb. Accompanied by several other fish, this placed him as the leading rod for the first couple days until a flu crossed his plans.

…a wink of fortune that our dearest Gordon Sim (El Gordo) turned into his advantage. Fishing almost every siesta at our home pool, he ended up as top rod with 11 fish, up to 16lb. Blaming fortune would be just too easy to explain his performance but the awful truth is: Gordon is an anadroums veteran and I bet everyone who has fished the Kharlovka the last 10 years will recall the name of the former Atlantic Salmon Reserve Camp Manager right away.

For sure, the greatest achievement and reward for our guides is the smiling face of a seatrout beginner. Sharing this unspoiled and untamed happiness is exactly what keeps us going. If you cross Graeme Baird’s way these days, you’ll know what I am talking about. In a beat alliance with Gordon, he managed to catch both his very first seatrout and fish on a flyrod ever. After a couple of sessions, a cracking 20lb chrome hen in Puesto! Is there any better way to get hooked on fly fishing? Congratulations and warm welcome to the 20lb Gallegos Seatrout Club.

The so called “20lb-chrome-smile“ is hard to wipe away, no matter how hard you try. El Henrik was this week’s place to be, not only because Simon Purves hooked into a marvellous 20lb+ steroid bar of chrome, but that it took him on a nice 15 minute bull ride, before Hernan could land the fish. Not only his biggest seatrout but also his biggest anadromous specimen ever.

Patrik Johannson, one of our well known regulars, teamed up with his good friend Rafael, a bonefish guide from Venezuela (Los Roques) who happens to be a witness of both my accidential pelican hookup and the famous “mermaid-story“ at the beach of Grand Roques in 2008. Thanks to his well trained fishing eye, his very first freshwater experience turned out to be a path full of chrome and gold. Glad to hear that our rugby fish can cope with any bonefish on his archipelago. Thank you, Rafael!

As the week flew by, Lars fulfilled his predicted task of catching another 20(+)pounder with Diego. Do I really have to mention that it was Senior’s once again? Whatever they do, they make it happen and it works. Well done, Lars! I will let Diego know to save one up for next year.

Our friend Howard Evans, had to postpone his trip to Argentina – Howard, the staff of Buitreras missed you this week. All the best for you and your family!


The push of water at the beginning of the week shuffled the deck a little bit. 5cm of more water was enough to boost our catch records a bit. The hot weather period and the drained out Pampa soaked the rain up like a sponge. Anyhow, fish were showing in all major holding pools – even under conditions that were far away from perfect. Even so, we still harvested chrome, an indicator for the remarkable density of fish in our beats. Yet again, 95% of the fish taken this week were absolute fresh, shiny, chrome! Fishing is a little more technical now but our guides have the right medicine to cure your urge for seatrout… Stay tuned.

Stephan Gian Dombaj

Solid Adventures

  • Average Weight: 9,28lb
  • Top Rod: Gordon Sim (11 Fish)
  • Top Pool: El Henrik
  • Top Fly: Black Salmon Fly (Silver Stoats and Green Butt)
  • Biggest Fish: Lars Ivarsson (20lb +)
  • Simon Purves (20lb +)
  • Graeme Baird (20lb)
  • Percentage of silver Fish: 95%
  • Fish over 10lb: 14