Las Buitreras Report Week XII, 17-24 March 2012


29 Mar Las Buitreras Report Week XII, 17-24 March 2012

Field Report Week XII, 17-24 March 2012
by Stephan Gian Dombaj


The weather god must have gotten something wrong. As reported before, we were facing the driest January since decades, hence the entire season was influenced and dictated by a persistant low water level and we had to adjust our schedule to it. Silent prayers for rain and more water were apperantly saved up for THE flood rather than supplying us with a consistant decent amount of water. In other words, the expected flood came just as predicted…and it hit us full impact! Just in time and after the departure of our 2nd shift group of last weeks combi, the water started to rise. And it didn’t stop rising. On wednesday, the waterlevel touched to 2m+ mark! That means, it came up about 235cm! Needless to say that the entire watershed was utterly unfishable and our normal calculation of two days till it settles down again were just like the river, blown out. Well, four days left for the water to reach a fishable level before the next group should be arriving. The saturday started with a waterlevel of +35cm, merky and heavily colored though…

Mastering the pace for searun browntrout or seatrout demands people who rather accept the fact that most of the time one is not facing picture book perfect condition than complaining about it. After all, we will try and there will be fish.

Paul Wilson and Bill Corey were not only sharing pool alliance but also great company. On top of that, some nice fish stories that plus the new fish tale material they collected during this week. From floating heads in Cantera to a 15lb double session. The irish breed has proven to be effective once again – Bill, who managed to land a cracking 18lb fish out of Cojedero on a nice solo session claims the biggest fish of the week, well deserved and nicely played! A pleasure having you both around!

Another astounding team that did pretty well, Olivier Lauzanne and Emmanuelle Picard. A well accomplished world wide angler teaming up with an eightythree year young lady who has got it all right. 17Lb chrome at the end of her line was one of the many highlights of their rotation.

An endless source of answers to the questions of anadromous behavior pattern, Mats Hebrand, claims the top rod of the week with 19fish up to 17pounds. A man on a mission that missed the 20/20 only by an eyelash.

Five rods were running this week’s show without lacking both numbers ans sizes. Congratulations!

Water & Fishing

After witnessing one of the driest seasons down here, we also witnessed one of the biggest march floods since decades. A black and white circuit with very little chance for grey, which would be just perfect for anadromous fish. This walk on a tightroope also means that those stellar moments of perfect conditions are very limited to both the days before and after the water comes up. Of course, a flood means fish, it always does. Either it stirs up the fish that are already in the system or it brings a push of fresh fish into it. Persistance will pay off, it’s just a matter of time. The beginning of the week was difficulte though. The waterlevel settled down to a quite fishable point but the water didn’t clear up or just very slowly. The first 2-3 days were pretty much unfishable, still a couple of fish were landed. As the water cleared up, the numbers increased rapidly. Roundabout sixty fish were written down in the catchbook by the end of the week – amongst the 5 of them! An interesting sidefact: One of the usual goal getters, the size 4 Yellow Yummie, managed to tease a couple of fish. Still smaller and more sublime pattern were scoring the most. Trinas Bugger, Olive and Brown Wolly Buggers – pattern that almost blend in with the color of the merky water!

Stephan Gian Dombaj
Camp Manager – Solid Adventures