Las Buitreras Report Week XIII, March 24. – April 02.2012


05 Apr Las Buitreras Report Week XIII, March 24. – April 02.2012

Fieldreport Week XIII
by Stephan Gian Dombaj

French Canadian Russian Split Week Group

Ladies and Gentlemen, the season here in Argentina is facing it’s annual end. A pity indeed, not only because the numbers of fish in the system is increasing as usually at the end of the season, It also a goodbye for a couple of months. Seatrout is one of fishing’s supreme challenges that gathers a certain type characters together in this magnificent place to fullfill the task of the impossible. Everyone a character itself it is this simple task of catching a seatrout that makes us travel half the globe to meet up here, in Las Buitreras, in Patagonia Austral or simply world’s end! Cheapau to all those highly spirited and accomplished anglers from all over the planet. This week’s group was truely a good example of our portfolio of fly fishign addicts. Once again, a split week (half week in Las Buitreras and the other 4 to 10 days all over or South-America program) it was Sylvain Garnon’s group of „frenchies“ (French Canadians) who joined us for that task at the first half of the week. Continuing their adventure at the world famous Jurassic Lake/Lago Strobl and rotating the next part of the group, simply known as „The Russians“ to Las Buitreras. A multilingual fish-feast!

And there we are again. Before entering the gates of the Jurassic Lake Estancia, our french-canadian team consisting out of Martial Bouchard, Carol Breton, Donald Pelletier, Pierre Picard, Louis Senechal, Sylvain Gagnon, Gilles and Roger Levesque, started their trip with some heavy wind and quite cold water.

Nevertheless they all got in contact with some Gallegos chrome. A run of spanking fresh mid size fish was filling up the pools slowly but consistently; hence it was a matter of time for them to be ambushed by our anglers.

Group leader Sylvain aka. Sly has proven to be a trustworth leader in the rumble of anadromous fish by providing both the biggest fish and the top rod of the first half of the week. In fact he has been so effective that he landed most of his fish all alone and without a guide. Good job!

Every single fish landed didn’t come undeserved, persitance was the key. As fishing was getting tensed, especially for seatrout first timers with the urge of landing some fish within two days, the great company during the siesta and non-fishing times was even more relaxed. Chango’s outdoor cuisine was argument enought!

Our four Russian friends who teamed up around Nikolay Risnic, shuffled the deck. The lodge was almost empty since only two guides were needed – custom fitted for these diehard anglers who picked Las Buitreras as their last stage right after Jurassic Lake and their starting point, Parana River for Golden Dorado. The so called Argentine Triple. After taking over the lodge and the actual schedule, they ruled the camp. Fishing became secondary over long lasting discussions about politics that ended with the first rays of light and another glorious morning. Quite something else and we enjoyed it a lot.

Water and Fishing

Last week’s flood has literally stired up some mud. Although the brownish tinch has vanished though out the week the hard facts were not quite as hostile as expected. In fact most of the fish have used this chance to run as far upstream as they could – undercover. The prosperous harvest-like forboding that has been descent upon our anglers just before the flood has reached our section has proven to be illusive. The good thing, the percentage of colored fish declined to pretty much zero. In other words, the flood has swept up all brown fish from our section and the river fas full of spanking fresh fish and it was getting better every day. The fall run was in full progress! The water conditions were tough though. Temperatures between 4 and 7 degress are an indicator for this week’s tactics: Slow and steady and rather classic. A generously tied and heavily weighted swung fly on a full contact swing seemed to be on this week’s menue. Oddly, all classic hot spots were producing fish – in every pool. Whereas low water tactics require much more adaption and much more efforts in terms of finding the actual hot spot despite the classic forms of structure, the occupation of the classic spots felt quite off shedule after a season of constant low water.

Fall Run

I want to lose a few words about the magnificent fall run that we are facing since the early days of this Operation. It is a common misconception that the early dates and months at the watershed of Las Buitreras are the very best. Despite the good numbers of big and angry colored fish at the end of the season, that resemble giant browntrouts in some cases, the fall run of spanking fresh chrome fish is one of the strongest ones here at Rio Gallegos. These circumstance are usually alinging with convenient waterlevels which are either normal or slightly higher but not low at all. The approach from a fishing-practical point of view is rather big flies than smaller ones, which are appropriate during low water periods. Of course, there’s always a hook or in this case not at all. Many angler really focus on the very first weeks of the season whereas the last weeks of April are usually sparsly occupied. Those guys have the time of their life, more than 52 named und plenty more unnamed pools just for them. The river, usually in good shape and most of all, happy fish. Even when the lodge is officially closed and the staff is preparing the mainhouse for the next season, the guides are staying a few more days to satisfy their urge for late season chrome. Around fifty fish up to 20,5lb amongst two of them in three and a half day of fishing, how does that sound?


I want to thank both the magnificent staff of Las Buitreras, who supported me thruout the season and of course our guest for doing me the favour and sharing their fish-of-a-lifetime-stories with me. Every day a delightfull task that filled me with pride of being surrounded by those kinded and very special people who have choosen to work hard for their trophy seatrout rather than just collecting them for their portfolio.

Stephan Dombaj
Camp Manager Las Buitrers

  • Fish Total: 63
  • Top Rod: Sylvain (13 fish)
  • Biggest Fish: Sylvain (20lb)
  • Top Fly: Trinas Bugger and Vitamine C
  • Top Pool: 75