Las Buitreras Week II Report, Jan 5 – 12, 2013


24 Jan Las Buitreras Week II Report, Jan 5 – 12, 2013

Last winter’s snow cover in the upper watershed of Rio Gallegos  predicted excellent water conditions and in other words, good fishing throughout January. A foreboding that dictated the travel schedule of Steiner (NO), Thor (NO), Casper (DK) and Marcus (NO) – better known as our first week regulars. Instead of 10 days fishing (first week) they have asked for two full weeks of non-stop fishing. Talking about addiction… The Vikings teamed up with likely spirited allies. Patrik Johansson (SE) – a cult regular and friend shared pool alliance for his 7th Las Buitreras trip with Los Roques Bonefish Guide Rafael Arrieche Lara (YV). Completed by Ken Morrish (Fly Water Travel – USA/Oregon) and head of Solid Adventures and Las Buitreras, Christer Sjöberg, they strove out with a clear mission. The famous Cowboy hat has proven to be a symbol of leadership when Christer returned after his first saturday session with two Fly Fishing Nation Reps. with eleven Chrome fish up to 17lb. The higher water gauge promised explosive runs and takes and when another push of cold rain water in the middle of the week reached our watershed the guides were celebrating and early retribution for two seasons with low water. Spirits were high. No wonder that this contagious feeling spread amongst our regulars. Thor Evensen materialized a 22lb chrome hen – the biggest fish of the week – with Guide Stefan Franzmann in Baranca Negra which happens to be the best performing pool for Week No.II.

 The norwegian quartette left the lodge on tuesday after providing the biggest fish of the week – mission accomplished and well played, Gentlemen. While Patrik and Rafael cherry picked the pools and zones, the guys from Fly Fishing Nation worked on both the “Into The Void” still- and motion picture project. Some of the still images are shown down below.

  • Number of Fish: 58
  • Biggest Fish: Thor Evensen 22 lbs
  • Top Pool: Barranca Negra, Zone 5
  • Averege: 10,2 lbs
  • Fly of the Week: Girdle Bug

Diego Peralta 

Camp Manager 

Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge

Rafael Arrieche Lara, Flatsguide for Sight Cast Los Roques (Venezuela) about Rio Gallegos: “This river is extremely technical! An avid angler has to improve and adjust every day to the constantly changing situations! The guides advise and show you the hotspots and it’s worth following their instructions meticulously. This season, I caught 3 times the amount of chrome fish in comparison to last season. One of the main reasons was learning to handle the spey rod which is entirely new for me. Once again, I was very pleased with my trip to Las Buitreras”