Las Buitreras Week report, Dec 29 – Jan 3, 2013

Rio Gallegos 20 lb silver

14 Jan Las Buitreras Week report, Dec 29 – Jan 3, 2013

Finally, yes finally, the season in Las Buitreras is on! Based on the pre-season conditions here in Rio Gallegos we have been looking forward to this day perhaps even a little more than usual! Our first group arrived on December 29th and got into the water immediately. The first day we fished zones 1 – 5 and it didn’t take long until the first few silvery Las Buitreras sea trouts were hooked and landed. Casper Hansen, guided by Federico Quintero who is doing his first year as guide after working 2 years with Solid Adventures at the Las Buitreras Lodge, learning all necessary skills and gaining the experience needed to guide clients, landed a beautiful 19 lbs silver fish on the first session of the first day! Great start for both Federico and Casper.

As always our legendary guide ”Pollo” found fish all over the place, and pools ”Cantera” and ”Puesto” saw fish jumping and moving upwards continously! This first day of the season saw 11 fish landed, 6 of them weighing over 13 lbs!

Rio Gallegos 20 lb silver

Fish kept moving through the river all week, and still is, allowing us to land fish in every single pool! The biggest fish of the week, a 20 lbs chromer was landed by David Roby (picture above) in the famous deep pool ”Barranca Negra”, guided by our ”fish finder” Hernan Garcia Garona! The last couple of days were just excellent and fish was jumping all over the place. Zone 1 and pools 80, kitchen, and 75, were particularly good and with the help of guide Stefan Franzmann our guests were hooking, jumping and landing fish continously, transforming these beautiful and normally so scenic pools into an action packed arena!

Rio Gallegos sea trout

This was a fantastic way to kick off the season with plenty of fish in the river, fantastic people, and as always, great food and entertainment. Like I told the group on our last dinner together I really felt as part of the group this week, more like a guest than camp manager. Since everyone in the group was so keen on coming back next year I am already looking forward to it.

As for next week the conditions are looking just great and it will be very intresting to see what kind of numbers and size it will produce. I have a good feeling…..


Week stats

Number of Fish for the week: 74

Top Pool: Barranca Negra

Top Fly: Girdle Bug

Avrg: 9,73 lbs

Top Rod: Steinar Simonsen 14 fish.

Biggest Fish: David Roby 20 lbs.


/Diego Peralta

Solid Adventures Camp Manager

Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge