Las Buitreras Week IX Report, 23.Feb – 02.March 2013

Dominque Fischer 26 lbs - old bridge - week 9 - 2302march

15 Mar Las Buitreras Week IX Report, 23.Feb – 02.March 2013

Mid season and the water hasn’t dropped below the critical + – 0 cm level. Not to mention that the season has been an amazing one so far. The direct favorable correlation between enough water, hence more fishable water has been stellar – for sure one of the most productive seasons so far for sure.

Aline this almost perfect conditions with the persuasive skill of our dearest guest and friend Lawson Jones, who has spent his 3rd week in a row and last one for 2013 at Rio Gallegos. After all the galore of the last week reports, I should just simply add that also joined the infamous 20/20 club by landing 22 fish with a couple over 20lb! Congratulations and respect to Lawson and his deep understanding for seatrout and his quick adaption to the river situation – we hope you enjoyed your stay just as much as we’ve enjoyed your company. Talking about good company, Stephane Warnier – another dear regular, showed once more that knowing the water doesn’t necessarily helps to catch the bigger fish, but it helps to catch more without praying for suicidal ones. 24 fish (Biggest 20lb – another 20/20) in his catch book by the end of the week and top rod on our report!



Well played, and again backed up from Betrand Kirzbaum from Benelux, Jussi Sjolund, founder of Mountain Media Films, and Lars Ivarsson from Sweden. Last but not least, Dominque Fischer, a Buitreras 2nd timer, who topped this years best by another 1lb or in other words, a cracking 26lb fish out of “Old Bridge” netted by Federico Quintero. The target was 60 fish for this weeks which has been topped by another 20! The week in numbers, 80 fish, 5 over 20, 12 over 15lb, average 9,5lb.! Everybody got a big silver Las Buitreras fish, smiling faces everywhere during all week like usual in this part of the earth.
Diego Peralta
CM – Las Buitreras
  • Number of Fish: 80
  • Biggest Fish: Dominque Fischer: 26 Lbs
  • Top Rod: Stephane Warnier
  • Best Pool: Kitchen, Beat 1
  • avrg: 9,5
  • 20/20: Lawson Jones
  • 24/20: Stephane Warnier