Las Buitreras Week VII, 09 – 16 Feb. 2013


01 Mar Las Buitreras Week VII, 09 – 16 Feb. 2013

Michael Blakely rings the bell for another week within our watershed. He and his friends have got to be one of the events we are very much looking forward to every single season as it promises a lot of fun, good vibes and a very relaxed time. Michael’s annual pilgrimage to Las Buitreras joined forces from all across the globe. Bill Hamill and Andy Wright from New York, Frederik Odman and Hans Edman – both Buitreras first-timers – and our soul-brother Lawson Jones from UK, a diehard fishing machine. A quite literal expression since he’s planning to stay for 21days straight.

The first couple of days, the weather conspired against us. An unusual and long lasting east wind period (upstream wind) forced us to fish the “other side” a little more often than usual. The hard work eventually payed off and good numbers of chromers kept our anglers hot for better conditions. The second the wind direction changed for good, Bill Hamill experienced something that would go down as one of the best fishing days he has ever had and a fish that weighted in at a woppin’ 22lb. – marking the biggest fish of the week. Congratulations. Lunar activity and the tides were both really low. The general concept is: Big moon, bigger tides, bigger fish… and of course the other way around. Still, some good size fish made it into our catchbook. 

Special guest this week: Canadian guide extraordinaire April Vokey and our almost local photographer and guide Stephan “Esteban” Gian Dombaj from… (good question) Sent by the world gold and noble metal council to explore the northern- and southernmost provinces of Argentina, searching for silver, chrome, gold etc. Tools of trade: Fly tackle. Geo-analytic precision and 7weight single handed rod hoisted a solid 20lb silver chunk out of the depths of baranca negra. Not to bad for April’s very first seatrout. Rio Gallegos lived up it’s reputation as one of the world’s most prolific silvermines. Claim your stake before it’s too late. Certainly enjoying their mission, April and Steph moved on to Corrientes – digging for gold!

Diego Peralta

  • Number of Fish: 51
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge, zone 2
  • Top Rod: Fredrerik Odman: 14 fish
  • Best Fly: Girdle Bug
  • Biggest Fish: Bill Hamill: 22 lbs
  • Avrg: 8 Lbs


Michael Blakely (USA-2013)

 Fishing at Buitreras is always challenging, and FUN!  ….Downright educational. I think it’s normally fairly technical here,  maybe more so I think than say on RioGrande–where the river has deeper runs. The more shallow holding lies for sea-trout on ‘Gallegos’ I think may make things more interesting– and a more careful presentation more often very necessary.

It continues to be in my experience one the ‘warmest’ lodges in the world: the staff is always smiling, with honest helpful smiles, interested in your needs and also your day— genuinely and specifically; the food (and wine  :-)  is perfect: delicious, diverse, arranged for a long fishing day, and with quantity matching the hours of fishing.  All this in a comfortable, informal setting –and flexible –never formal or strictly set.

Above all, I do not think there is a lodge with a necessity of having a diligent, knowledgable guide-pool that exceeds what Buiteras has managed to build and most importantly, annually retain year after year. The guides simply know their stuff….and it’s a family;  they are extremely good at gently coaxing anglers to make adjustments, spotting needs and encouraging to make improvements where possible.  Every year and with every guide I learn something. That’s a fact.

I never come to this place without meeting also some truly ardent and accomplished anglers–many   typically from numerous and diverse home-waters:  Scandanavian,  European,  Australian, Kiwi, or elsewhere UK, Canada, US–Some very interesting folks: always interesting , engaging, very friendly, and bonus….ENGLISH becomes the common denominator.

I can’t wait to return again, to get to bring and share it with friends, try my luck one more time—and learn more about these fascinating unique fish— Thanks so much again. In a word, FUN.