Las Buitreras Week X Report, 02. – 09.March 2013

Willian John Harrison - week 10

26 Mar Las Buitreras Week X Report, 02. – 09.March 2013

William John Harrison – Daniel Alexander Willard – Olivier Lauzanne – Louis Boutros – Chantal Chone – Thomas Wolfle – Sigurd Spaeth – Desmond Fitzgerald


Difficult conditions for our 10th week this season. For the first time, the waterlevel has dropped below + – 0cm. Limiting both the productive amount of water and the fish activity, our anglers had to react to these tricky conditions with tiny flies, stealthy approach and long leaders connected to floating or intermediate tip lines. Despite the golden morning and evening hours, the deeper parts of the river haven proven to be effective, even under tough conditions.




Diego Peralta


Camp Manager LB Fishing Lodge

  • Number of Fish: 37
  • Biggest Fish: Louis Boutros / Thomas Wolfle: 25 Lbs
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge
  • Top Rod: Thomas Wolfle / William John Harrison : 8 fish each
  • averg: 8,3 Lbs