Las Buitreras Week XII Report, 16. – 23.March 2013

Marie Bergman - 13 Lbs - Barranca Blanca - week 12

23 Apr Las Buitreras Week XII Report, 16. – 23.March 2013

This week our beloved Rio Gallegos really through us a challenge. Offering the lowest water levels of the season and topping it off with no wind and plenty of sunshine everyone know that it was time to get down and dirty!

Three of our guests, Tony Nilsson, Marie Bergman, and Patrik Johansson were back for their second week this season and found it very interesting to see the river in this condition, very different from their previous visit. Accompanied by our old friends Luciano Dorz and Walter Morelli from Belgium who visited us a couple years back everyone immediately adapted to the challenge to see if their skills would be up for the ultimate test at Las Buitreras! Christer, or “el Jefe” as we call him was also back again this week to see if he could any damage and to make sure his casting skills were maintained.

What is good with this river in these conditions is that it is quite easy to figure out where the fish is hiding and the trick is more to figure out how to trick them. Deep pools like Old Bridge, Seventy five, Cantera had fish showing all the time. Due to the very bright conditions we tried to focus our fishing around mornings and late afternoons/ evenings. Even though most of the fishing during he day was very technical with long leaders, down stream casting, small nymphs and so on there is always that night time fishing where we use lighter tackle, floating lines and mid size sunray shadows, black rabbits and similar flies just to annoy the fish and make them go after the fly in pure madness! This method proved very successful and we landed several big fish. These strikes when the fish are really pissed off are nothing less than phenomenal! And as always when there is a woman fishing with us, Marie adapted to the conditions perfectly and really got into the style of casting down stream, making the fly move in front of the fish and tricking them into a strike.

Diego Peralta
Camp Manager
Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge

  • Number of Fish: 26
  • Biggest Fish: Tony Nilsson 18 Lbs
  • Top Rod: Marie Bergman 10 fish
  • Avrg: 8,1 Lbs
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge, Zone 2