Las Buitreras Week XIII Report, 23. – 30.March 2013

James Bumby 16 lbs - Old Bridge - week 13

02 May Las Buitreras Week XIII Report, 23. – 30.March 2013

John Davison  –  James Bumby  –  Philip Pearce  –  Nicholas Wilcox

With the low water conditions continuing on from last week we knew that this would be another week of technical fishing. With only 4 fishermen in this week’s group we still had plenty of water for everyone to cover with chances of some serious hook ups. Our 4 fishermen this week was John Davison and James Bumby from England who visited our lodge for the first time and they were joined by Philip Pearce also from England and Nicholas Wilcox from Wales.

After getting introduced and acquainted with one another everyone went straight into fishing mood! With the river being low we started fishing some of the deeper pools to see if we could trick any of the bigger fish we know were hiding. Even though we are kinda used to landing some big fish in these conditions it’s always tricky and you have to be in tune with your casting and presentation of the fly to get some reactions. As a guide I am always a bit nervous and concerned about our guests fishing skills and this week was no different. Especially with all clients being new to me so I had no idea what to expect. It turned out all my concerns were unnecessary and even I was surprised by both number and size of fish landed this week.

After some good casting in the “Seventy Five” pool Philip was in for a real treat when a Rio Gallegos monster hammered his fly. After fighting the fish perfectly Philip was able to land a beautiful, slightly colored, 27 lbs male! Following up with another silver monster weighing in at 25 lbs, Philips guide for the day Hernan Garcia Garona was thoroughly impressed. Other standout fishes landed this week was a 24 lbs, a 21lbs, and the two 20 lbs landed by Jim Bumby and Nicholas Wilcox. One of my personal favorites this week was John Davidsons 16 lbs fish at Old Bridge that was just beautiful.

In total these 4 fishermen managed to land 10 fish over 18 lbs and a total of 33 landed for the week! Very impressive done in these conditions! And yet again, keys to the success this week was everyone’s willingness to listen to the guide’s suggestions along with perseverance and great casting and fishing skills.

Diego Peralta
Camp Manager
Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge

  • Number of Fish: 33
  • Top Rod: John Davison 7 fish
  • Biggest Fish: Philip Pearce 27 Lbs
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge, Zone 2
  • Average size: 9,1