Las Buitreras Week XIV, 30. March – 6. April 2013

Linas Solominas - 15 lbs - old bridge - week 14

06 May Las Buitreras Week XIV, 30. March – 6. April 2013

My first reflection of this week report I am just about to write is that it’s already week 14! The last week of the season! It’s almost scary how quick it went! I have so many good memories and I’ve met such amazing people here at our camp yet again! Anyways. I’ll leave that for later and get back to summarizing this last week of the season.

Philip Pearce and Nicholas Wilcox who were here for a two-week stint were joined by a very friendly group from Lithuania. Hosted by Marius Butkevicius, we had the pleasure of welcoming Giedrius Zdanys, Linas Solominas, Vitalijus Orlovas, Algirdas Jovaisa, Raimondas Syvys and Arvydas Rakauskas, all first timers at our Las Buitreras lodge and Rio Gallegos.

As a final gesture of humility our beloved Rio Gallegos decided to rise to +20 giving the fish some room to move and change pools and for a new run of fish to enter. This meant we could start fishing the river in it’s full length again using all sections and pools. For Philip and Nicholas who had fished the week before with some impressing results where Philip’s 27 lbs fish remains a stand out, this was a totally different experience and it took some adjusting to get back into it. New angles of casting and presenting the fly, bigger and heavier flies for most of the time, intermediates and even sink tips which they didn’t even dream of last week. I have to give it to both of them though: it didn’t take long until they were hooking into fish again!

The rest of the group who were all beginners at Rio Gallegos were super focused and took in every advice and comment from the guides regarding everything from how to cast to how to fish the fly, what fly to use and more. This certainly paid off and they all started to hook into fish. Linas Solominas who was only into his second year of fly fishing put on a very impressive show during the week and ended up Top rod with 10 fish landed where a couple reached the 15 lbs + mark! Vitalijus Orlovas managed to land 7 fish and the biggest fish of the week, a magnificent, slightly colored 20 lbs fish in the famous Old Bridge pool.

With a total of 48 fish landed this was a perfect ending of a perfect season! Good fishing, happy guests, happy guides and a beautiful Rio Gallegos being the heart and soul of it all!

Thank you so much and stay tuned for the season summary!

Diego Peralta
Camp Manager LB

  • Number of Fish: 48
  • Top Rod: Linas Solominas 10 fish
  • Biggest Fish: Vitalijus Orlovas 20 lbs
  • Top Pool: Molino, zone 1
  • avrg: 8,1

Philip Pearce   Nicholas Wilcox   Giedrius Zdanys   Linas Solominas    Vitalijus Orlovas   Algirdas Jovaisa   Raimondas Syvys   Arvydas Rakauskas   Marius Butkevicius