Solid Adventures – The Story


26 Jun Solid Adventures – The Story


Solid Adventures – 22 years of premium fly fishing destinations

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to our new Adventure Company, Solid Adventures. When I first started Loop Tackle Design some 30 years ago I had three things in my mind: to produce better, more functional and easy to use fly tackle, to offer people fly fishing schools, and of course and perhaps the most important thing:  to find and fish as many untouched and virgin waters as possible. Looking back I am proud to say that together with my partners we achieved all of those things. Over the years we found and fished many unique and untouched waters, some amazing, and some not so much. Some of the best places I have ever fished during these last 35 years are today being offered under the Solid Adventures flag! Although we believe we can offer some of the best fly fishing destinations on the planet today the search for untouched and unspoiled waters is never ending! We are still out there looking every day in order to find even better and more beautiful places to fish and to be able to offer these places to anyone wanting to fulfill their fishing dreams! Early May, 2013 parts of our Solid Adventures team took off for a six week scouting trip in what we call Location GTX.  First reports are anything but ordinary and we will publish more on their findings and adventures shortly. We will offer a very limited number of people to follow us on a first hosted exploratory trip to reap the fruits of their work, but more on that shortly. If you are interested in taking part of what’s going on in our world and to be the first to get offers about hosted trips and exclusive opportunities I recommend to sign up for our newsletters. You can also follow us on Facebook where we publish news, week reports and more.


It all started back in 1991 when we first set foot in the south of the White Sea, deep in Russia. In the hunt for untouched salmon and trout waters this is where we first landed. After spending nearly 3 years exploring literally all potential water we could find we left with bags full of crazy stories and unbelievable memories but unfortunately we couldn’t find a place solid enough for setting up a long term camp. Read more: The good, the bad and who’s the guy with the axe?


After our initial adventures in Russia we came back but this time we set foot on the Kola Peninsula. We didn’t know it then but this was the place we would come back to for the next 12 years experiencing better salmon and trout fishing than what we could have ever dreamed of! Under the name “Flyfish in Kola” we had camps in Kharlovka, Rynda, Litza, Yokanga and of course our Russian jewel, the lodge in Umba! We were also running trout programs on the tundra for hardcore trout fishermen wanting to explore real wilderness and spectacular fishing. The fishing on the Kola Peninsula these years was most of the times beyond belief and the “Kola feeling” – a real belief that you will actually get a bite every time the fly hits the water- is something I wish for everyone to experience! In 1997/98 we produced two award winning films from Kola together with famous filmmaker Martin Falklind, “Atlantic Salmon – The Last Kingdom”, and “Brown Trout – The Last Kingdom” reflecting the fishing and the general situation of the species in these basically untouched waters. In 2006 we left Kola Peninsula as operators in order to have more time exploring other parts of the world such as Patagonia and Cuba. However, the bond with Kola and some of its rivers are still strong and for next season we are looking at coming back to some of our old favorites – stay tuned!


The first time we Scouted Patagonia was in 2002 and we almost immediately struck gold. In Rio Gallegos we found our dream place for sea running browns and we have stayed there ever since. This fishing is so different, so exotic and so technical that it has become my favorite place – my second home. Rio Gallegos and our Las Buitreras lodge have everything one can ever ask for. Beautiful nature and wildlife, nice and friendly people and staff, excellent food and wines, and of course the extreme fishing! The waters may not be virgin but with our 40 km´s of private water both sides of the river the feeling you get is like fishing untouched waters every day. Using lightweight single hand rods, small rubber leg nymphs chasing 20 lbs shy sea trout’s is just plain and simple really exciting stuff! I promise!


Six years ago today we first heard strange rumors about a lake that supposedly held huge wild rainbow trout. The only problem was that without a helicopter you couldn’t go there.  So they said… We immediately sent a group of experts on an expedition to find this lake and NO, we did not send them in a helicopter. We sent them by truck. The drive was nearly impossible this first time and I’ve been told afterwards that after 10 hours in the truck in this horrific terrain with the truck jumping like and shaking like a roller coaster all team members swore to give me a solid punch in the guts as soon as they got their hands on me. Fortunately for me – after finding the lake and fishing it for a couple of hours they all forgave me for sending them. In four hours this very first time we fished the lake they landed on 3 rods 70 huge chromers that were literally trying to rip the tackle out of their hands!

Early days Jurassic lake tent camp


I first visited Cuba some 13 years ago and just like with our other destinations this place immediately got me hooked. Bringing people to these fantastic flats became a dream and something I had to do. I normally describe flats fishing for Tarpon as the Formula One of fly fishing. The adrenalin levels you experience when sighting a fish is just something else and one I wish every fly fisher to experience. Today Solid Adventures is part of the Santa Maria Tarpon operation and are about to expand our Cuba program with 2 or 3 more places for 2012. These new places are true virgin waters, basically untouched by fishermen and full of Tarpon, Bonefsh, Jacks, Permit and much much more. We will present these new destinations in August so stay tuned!

Finally I want to welcome all of you to join our adventures! No matter what your favorite type of fishing or destination may be I promise you that our Solid Adventures team will do their absolute best to make your trip a dream come true!


Christer Sjöberg
Founder of Loop and Solid Adventures