Las Buitreras Week II, 04.Jan – 11.Jan 2014


18 Jan Las Buitreras Week II, 04.Jan – 11.Jan 2014


Every Rio Gallegos regular has already shared pool alliance with Michael Blakely. He’s is a true Gallegos old schooler who’s frog leaping from one week per year to another and it’s fair to say that he has seen the river in every imaginable shape. After last years draught has conspired against him, the high water that awaited him for this week start-up must have been quite a relief. High water levels will sink, eventually – and if you are around, prepare yourself for a ride. Under the careful supervision of Michael and the Gallegos team, his friends from New York – some of them Seatrout beginners – got the job done. Still, heavy sinking lines and sink tips dictated the fishing. Most successful pattern: Black, Green & Yellow Tubes. Thrown into cold water, it takes a few sessions to get used to the heavier spey equipment and lines, but the casting did improve a lot throughout the week and so did the catch numbers. As the water level rose again towards the end of the week, Larry Bijou hooked into his personal best seatrout that tipped the scale at a whooping 20lb. Now he’s hungry for more and his third round at our watershed in 2015.

Diego Peralta
  • Biggest: Larry Bijou 20 lbs
  • Top rod: Jim Edwards: 7 fish
  • Average: 9,5 lbs
Anglers: Larry Bijou-Carlos Montero-Jim Edwards-Michael Blakely-Anthony Kaiser-Anne Marie Kaiser-Thorsten Streuben-Patrik Johansson