Las Buitreras Week III, 11.Jan – 18.Jan 2014


27 Jan Las Buitreras Week III, 11.Jan – 18.Jan 2014



…just the right level plus a big run of chrome fish. The perfect preset for an amazing week of fishing, good stories and that smile that only solid chrome can cause. Ronny Anden, a guide himself who’s been infected with the Patagonia bug, came along with some good friends to rematch with our silver treasures. Teamed up by our veteran angler Lars Ivarsson, who’s improving his spanish season by season for almost a decade here, the swedish guys were on the run. Although our german speaking anglers tried hard, the biggest fish of the week materialized itself at the end of Johan Olofsson’s line. The youngest angler in the camp and first time speycaster handled the whopping 21,5lb fish perfectly. Cantera was the crime scene and everything was witnessed by our Guide Hernan Garcia – the youngster struck again and it was more than a coincident, a 15,14 and 12lb fish are the living proof! Johan dictated the game and it’s fair to say that he’s got the bug now too. As for the water conditions, we were still fishing quite heavy flies and tips to get down. Slightly off-colored water demanded either black or yellow flies (like our famous Yellow Yummy). Towards the end of the week, the conditions were slim to perfect and even the smallest holding spots were stuffed with good size fish. It keeps getting better and better and we are back on light lines and swung flies with some twitches – the most exhilarating way to fish here. The tug is the drug, and our anglers know exactly what that means!

  • Number of fish: 72
  • Biggest one: 21,5 Johan Olofsson
  • Best pool: Limits, zone 3
  • Average: 8,5 lbs

Diego Peralta


Franz Walterham – Johan Olofsson – Torsten Anderson – Christian Thalheimer – Ronny Anden – Christina Stavroula Malmgren – Lars Ivarsson – Thorsten Streuben