Annacarin Sjöberg Sets New Lodge Record! 31LB Seatrout


22 Feb Annacarin Sjöberg Sets New Lodge Record! 31LB Seatrout

MONSTER SEATROUT FROM LAS BUITRERAS – 31LB (105cm length – 63cm girth)

Guide Hernan Garcia holds Annacarin Sjöberg’s monster seatrout for a picture!

Annacarin Sjöberg (SE) hasn’t even touched home ground yet, but the news that we got in from Las Buitreras are too good to hold them back. After an epic tug’o war that deserves much more than just this brief description, Annacarin managed to bring the fish over the net of Guide Hernan Garcia. Although he knew that he had just netted the biggest fish of the history of the lodge, the sheer size of that monster seatrout left him awestruck. Measuring a stunning 105cm in length, an incredible 63cm, the fish tips the scale at pretty much exactly 31lb. Annacarin hooked the monster at the tail-out of “Little Corner”, a short and narrow cut-bank pool, on a Yuk-Bug. Barely able to hold the fish up for a picture, the fish has been released after a brief picture and weighting session. Despite the new lodge record, which happens to be one of the biggest officially measured fish in the history of Rio Gallegos, the Las Buitreras stretch has been extremely productive. Last week has produced more than 110 fish with 10 fish over 20lb…