Las Buitreras Week V, 25.Jan – 01.Feb 2014


07 Feb Las Buitreras Week V, 25.Jan – 01.Feb 2014

Swedish Invasion

One can clearly see that this operation is the brainchild of some crazy viking visionaries. It’s echoing in an outstanding number of nordic anglers through out the season and this week we are talking full house – a true viking invasion! Yet again a mixed bunch of regulars plus a new face, Hans Lindström, who blend in perfectly and performed just as flawlessly. The Spors Clan was eagerly awaited here at their annual retreat – all four of them have seen the river in every imaginable conditions and are therefor a save bet in terms of fish numbers and sizes. Planets aligned perfectly and they happened to team up with the Brännström brothers, both accomplished anglers, destination approved anglers and dear regulars. Surprisingly it was Hans, our first timer, who scored beyond his own believe. He provided the biggest fish of the week – a girthy 23lb fish out of our famous pool “75”, a pool that requires more than just luck to get into the hot zone. We don’t want to forget to mention that he managed to land another 15lb and 17lb fish on the very same fishing session. On top of that, he scored another 22lb fish on the very next day out of Molino. Quite some pounds that he accumulated within just a few hours of fishing – a result like always leads to a lot of wine and long nights. Hans, who had dreamed for the longest time to swing his flies across the Rio Gallegos pools, understands pretty well why this place is so addictive, not only because of the big fish of course, but it helps. The Spors got their fair share of chrome and ended up with some good numbers per head. The technical allrounders known as the Brännströms kept guide Joaquin busy with the net as they got into double hook ups in zone 2. Brothers, what can we say – they share! The big push of fish that we came across last week has spread over the entire section, literally every pool produces fish – a good foundation for the rest of the season.

Diego Peralta

  • number of fish: 53
  • biggest fish: Hans Lindström, 23 lbs
  • top rod: Niklas Brännström , 11 fish
  • best: yug bug, sunray shadow
  • best pool: seventy fiveWolfgang-Spors---Meta-Spors---Anders-Gjerswold---Sara-Gjerswold---Hans-Lindström---Niklas-Brännström---Per-Brännström

Wolfgang Spors – Meta Spors – Anders Gjerswold – Sara Gjerswold – Hans Lindström – Niklas Brännström – Per Brännström