Testimonial / Jamie Stewart:

22 Mar Testimonial / Jamie Stewart:

I have now visited Las Buitreras on four occasions and a year’s fishing just would not be the same without it! Argentina itself is a wonderful place with wonderful people, food and wine. Las Buitreras is a beautiful lodge and the facilities, food and drink are second to none. Added to that is the extreme warmth of the hosts and guides and a real home from home feel. It would be a hard pushed not to enjoy this lodge and all it has to offer.

The fishing can be breathtaking and even during the inevitable slow periods, that are part and parcel of all fishing, the surrounding wildlife and scenery and the knowledge that any second there could be the explosive take of a chrome silver leviathan trout of a liftetime, make fishing on the Rio Gallegos a very special thing to do.

I have now had several fish up to 23lbs and on the last night this year, lost a huge fish that felt and behaved far bigger than anything else I have hooked there before.

Plans are almost finalised for next year – hoping to hook the same fish with an extra years weight on it!!

If you are looking for a wonderful lodge with warmth friendliness comfort and great food coupled with quality fishing and unbelievable sized fish, Buitreras is certainly for you.

Jamie Stewart