Testimonial / Sten Rudd (Norway – 2013):

30 Mar Testimonial / Sten Rudd (Norway – 2013):

SA: How many time did you come to Las Buitreras?

SR: I came seven times

SA: What is your opinion about fishing technique in the Rio Gallegos for Sea Trout?

SR: They work – a lot of different techniques for different pars of the river – and especially taking the wind into consideration

SA: What do you think about the Guiding Staff, Food, Ladies, all the Lodge

SR: Guiding – extremely high level and very high attention to your  fishing

Staff – very friendly – like a big family

Food –  Good – I prefer Argentine food when Im in Argentina – and this was better this year – wine was also better this year

Ladies – good

Lodge – good”

SA: Would you like to come again

SR: Yes – if I can afford it and find the time

Remarks: This is like my second summer house – feel very welcome – low turnover of staff –  good fishing – learn something new every year