Las Buitreras Week VII, 7 Feb- 14 Feb 2015


22 Feb Las Buitreras Week VII, 7 Feb- 14 Feb 2015

For week 7 of the season we had the Norwegian group visiting us. Led by good friend and regular “Dynamite Steinar” who came here to fish the Las Buitreras stretch of water for the 10th time (our deepest respect and gratitude) the group was really eager to get going! Thor a.k.a “The Thorminator” was also back looking to catch that seatrout of a lifetime that we all dream about!
The rest of the crew also had earlier experience from fishing with us and most had seen the river in different conditions and were ready to take her on in any shape or form! Arriving with the river sporting the lowest water level in three years the game was certainly on! It’s a good thing with these Vikings that nothing ever puts them off! They saw the conditions as a great challenge and it almost motivated them to perform even better!
The weather conditions rapidly changed with a drop in temperature followed by strong winds. The gusts (reaching 100 km/h) helped for stirring up the water and getting some color in it.
The skilled group of anglers finished the first day with a couple of very nice fish, a 20lbs and 17 lbs) which was followed by proper Norwegian celebration (and lots of wine of course!).
The first couple of big fish were followed by Caspers 22lb from Barranca Negra and Toms 22 lb from Golfo. Bjorn, Marit and Marius also did well in beat nr one guided by Pollo.
The pools that delivered the highest number of fish this week were Old Bridge, Golfo, 75, Barranca Negra and Puesto.
After the departure of the group, the news arrived quickly. The new water finally arrived and the river started to rise, building great expectations for the upcoming week!!!
*The figures:  55 fish caught (sea trout over 4 lb) with the biggest fish, two even 22lb, one for Tom and one for Casper aka The Friendly Dane. Top rod of the week was Steinar with 12 sea trout caught and released. For last, the average weight for the week was 8,5 lb.-