Las Buitreras Week X, 28 Feb- 7 March 2015


17 Mar Las Buitreras Week X, 28 Feb- 7 March 2015


On the 28th of February we had the pleasure of welcoming a group with old friends coming back to visit us from Wales, like Illtyd, Phil and Simon. Also our host -Christer Sjoberg- friends from their exclusive fishing club “The Schaman”. With them we also had Tommy G from (name of the magazine) and from Americas Angling Report, Skip M.


Thou the low water conditions continued, fresh fish was still coming into the system and for them the strategy was all about using single handed rods with long leaders, thin tippets and small flies, at least until night time, when it was time to take the big flies out for a try.

Due to the changes in the weather and lower temperatures fish were found mainly in the bigger pools like 75, Golfo and Barranca Negra, and no matter this low water the big fish were there. As it was for Tommy, he managed to land a 25lb sea trout for his personal record with guide Carlos in zone 2 (even bigger the his older personal record from Em River in Sweden).


The boys had some fun after fishing, sharing some good old stories from a group of experienced anglers, and enjoying Skip’s guitar and country music singing.


By the last day of the week conditions started to change and the river slowly came up. The new water level seemed to be just right, for the following week at least. Great expectations with such good news!!!

*The figures:  Biggest fish: 25 lb sea trout for Tommy G caught in Golfo. Average weight for the week was 7 lb.-