Las Buitreras Week XVI, 11 April – 18 April 2015


11 May Las Buitreras Week XVI, 11 April – 18 April 2015

Strong Fall Run – Las Buitreras/Atlantic Steelhead Splitweeks

The autumn has arrived in all it`s glory. Unlike most northern seatrout rivers, fresh seatrout enter the system althrough the season. The fall run, that usually arrives late march/ early april, is one of the strongest in terms of numbers. Spanking fresh chrome seatrout is filling up the pools in good numbers – most of them ranging from 4-14lb with some bigger fish up to 25lb in the mix. Not only do they put on quite a show in the colder water, but they also stir up the older and colored fish and shuffle the deck in the pools; a big old brown fish is always a welcome extra on top. Here comes the cherry on top, the autumn fish are exceptionally girthy. Water temperature, level, visibility and weather aligned in our favour – great fishing was to be expected.

It`s all about timing and our swedish guests hit it spot on. The viking crew, consisting of 6 anglers, united  here on our Estancia after splitting up for the Atlantic Steelhead Trip – 3 days of Steelheading the St.Cruz  for the first party prior Las Buitreras and 3 days after this trip for the rest of the group. Upon their arrival our Solid Adventures representatives briefed the group about the very promising conditions setting the expectations high which can be risky if conditions change. Luckily the conditions maintained stable and the predictions proved to be meticulously precise. Also the Steelhead crew reported fantastic fishing and good water conditions which was confimed by our guests Eva and Karl-Otto who spent 3 days in Santa Cruz before their arrival at Las Buitreras.

For Eva`s and Karl-Otto`s report of their Steel head fishing, please click here!

The rest of the group, Patrik, Lars, Ulf and Jim left Buitreras Saturday morning to have their go with the Atlantic Steelheads of the Santa Cruz river; stay tuned for their next weekreport.


All major holding spots and most of the spots in between were literally stuffed with fresh and bright fish. Numerous contacts and a good number of fish landed per angler and session raised the numbers very soon to almost 70 seatrout landed already by Wednesday. Las Buiteras/Rio Gallegos first timer Ulf not only managed to score his previous personal best here, he actually broke it 4 times straight already on the first day before he finally peaked with two 20lb fish and a 13lb fish within 30 minutes in ”Seventy Five”. Our third 20lb fish for the week was taken just one day later on the very same spot by our regular Patrik. Both Ulf and Patrik accomplished the sought after 20/20 mission (20 seatrout landed/ at least one 20lb fish/ one fishing week) Congratulations.
Intermediate Lines and Float/Sink 5 Tips were the most successfull lines – ideal to slow down the presention during the colder hours of the day, yet stealthy enough to fish the higher water column in the evening.

The few trees we have here give you an idea of the late season showcasing orange and yellow leafs all over – a bit of indian summer on some square-meters. A gentle downstream wind paired up with cold mornings and warm and sunny days for most of the week. The water level settled at +- zero by the end of the week, after the push of water from the previous week (+35cm). Bristle mornings cooled the water down to 5 degrees, the warm weather made up for it though pushing the water temp up to 8 degrees late in the day.

Top Flies: Smaller tubes in black and yellow + Yellow Yummie
Total No. of Sea trout over 4 lbs: 93
Total No. of Brown trout over 3 lbs: 46
Biggest Fish: 3 landed fish weighing in at 20 lbs