Las Buitreras Week XVII, 18 April – 25 April 2015


12 May Las Buitreras Week XVII, 18 April – 25 April 2015

Fly Fishing Nation Hosted Week
Another magnificent season has gone by here on the Rio Gallegos and in behalf of Solid Adventures and the Tres Amigos Staff, we would like to thank all our guests and friends for sharing some of their dearest memories and fishing stories with us. Ultimately we hope that you enjoyed your home far away from home as much as we do.
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Just like the rest of the season, the last week was not short of both fish and fun. Stephan Dombaj, former Las Buitreras Manager and Guide, and Solid Adventures representant, Rickard Sjöberg summoned some fine gentlemen under the banner of The Fly Fishing Nation to fish the very last week of 2014/2015. The inexplicable mild weather from last week in combination with good water conditions and heavy presence of fresh chrome throughout our watershed set the expectation bar pretty high.
After all, the River presented itself in all it’s glory. The first welcome was a rough one though. Strong and cold downstream wind, peaking at 75km/h with gusts up to 85km/h put our anglers to the test – choppy water on the big holding pools rendered the first day virtually unfishable as the riverbed was shaken up badly, mudding up the pools. Next morning, slightly colored but in perfect conditions, they harvested the fruit of their perserverance – fresh bright chrome fish in most classic spots. Buitreras first timer and Spey-rod beginner, Jozef Nevedel set the pace for the week with his personal best (sea-)trout that tipped the scale at 19lb out of Wagon Wheel. It would remain the biggest fish of the week despite some big fish contacts that were unfortunatley lost.
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Season seatrout and salmon angler Eckhardt from Germany produced some good numbers and progressively climbed up the size ladder ending with a personal best 18lb fish out of Island Stream. Beside seatrout, he caught a good bunch of well proportioned resident browntrouts.
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Gallegos almost residents at this stage Stephan and Rick lived up their reputation here keeping the staff up all night, eating all the Empanadas and cleaning out some pools. Stephan, after several seasons here knowing the river like the back of his hand was released from his normal duties and attacked the river with full force. Together with his co-fisherman of the week Jozef they landed a total of 38 sea trout and countless brown trout. The only thing missing was that always alluring 20 lbs + fish!
In total the 4 rods fishing managed to put 65 seatrout in the books, most of them absolutely chrome bright with only a few colored but very welcomed fish inbetween.

Despite the first day, the water clarity ranged from slightly colored to very clear towards the end of the week. The waterlevel dropped down to -5cm with some smaller pulses of rainwater on top. The colder tempertures keep the water fishable, even in low and lower water conditions than this. Floating Lines with Intermediate tips and Intermediate Lines were dominating the tackle scene for this week. Girdle Bugs, Yellow Yummies and ultimately the top fly of the week, the Green Lantern, were the top scorers.

No. of Rods: 4
No. of Seatrout over 3lb: 65
No of Browntrout: 27
Top Rod (Seatrout only): 23 Seatrout (Stephan)
Biggest Fish: 19lb (Jozef)
Top Flies: Green Lantern and Yellow Yummy