Las Buitreras Week II, 9 Jan. – 16 Jan. 2016


21 Jan Las Buitreras Week II, 9 Jan. – 16 Jan. 2016


On week Nr 2 we welcomed a group of anglers from the US and Sweden, ready for living Las Buitreras experience and the challenge of catching our wonderful sea trout. The conditions upon their arrival were quite unusual for the southern hemisphere summer, with cold winds and water temperature of 3,5 degrees. The weather conditions slowly got back to normal and the water temperature reached a max of 16 degrees. With the river on the normal summer height and an earlier appearance of some algae on the shallow parts of the channels, fishing was done mainly on floating lines with intermediate tips and leaders up to 4 meters. Due to the clear water condition the technique was based on a gently approach to the pool and the downstream cast as a must, to get the fly going first. Rubber legged nymphs and salmon flies as the normal sea trout diet. The result of the week was very positive with fresh sea trout up to 17lb caught, gorgeous brown trout the exceeded the 22 inches and the most important: great moments, barbecues outside and the casting tuition as a normal thanks to Las Buitreras staff.

Total Number of Trout: 207

Seatrout: 31
Biggest Fish: 17lb

Average Weight: 9,6lb

Browntrout: 176
Biggest Fish: 61cm