Glacier King – Weekreport I


25 Feb Glacier King – Weekreport I

The season in Glacier National Park has started and King Salmon show up in consistent numbers and also sizes. The quality of the fishing is amazing. During the scouting period for this particular Las Buitreras Add on that has turned into an autonomous operation itself, we were already supported by the Spors crew. So for the grand opening of 2016, they were on board too. Welcome to Glacier King!


Exquiste service is deeply rooted in our DNA and before we set out for our first session on the banks of the Glacier King river, a gourme lunch was served at the infamous Octagon Lodge. Guests have a variety of dishes changing from lunch to dinner, plus an “only for fishermen suggestion of the chef” that was quite appreciated.
Pollo “the radar” and Tomas were the first one to seek out for these big compact trophy fish. Water level was normal, with a weather forecast showing rain for half of the week.  Expectations really high!


A good beginning broke the ice and 3 good kings were landed the first afternoon. Between 7 and 12 kilos, strong as hell. Some gin tonic and beer to celebrate were waiting at the bar of The Octagon, the place were all the meals are served.


The visit of Alberto, one of the managers of the property was much anticipated. Truely made our anglers feel at home far away from home. The fishing kept being very active with more than 4 fishes landed on day 2, and a huge monster lost by Rene.


Day 3 , not much activity on the surface. Looked like the kings were just staying at the pools in “alert mode”. Trying all kinds of sinking lines, scagits and different patterns to wake them up but luck was not there. For lunch Mr.  Christer Sjoberg and wife (record woman – Annakarin) visited the estancia along with the guide Juanma from Tres Amigos Outfitters to join the team.  The afternoon was still quite, so new plans were set for the following morning.


Day 4 was exploring day. The upper lake is the place were the kings are holding till the spawning period begins. It’s a rather medium size lake surrounded by huge walls eroded by the glacier activity. Bays can be hard with the wind but we looked for some of the sheltered ones. As we arrived to MAMMOTH BAY (named after this day)  Alberto, Rene, Patrik set up the tackle, took a breath after the walk and looked on the water. Fishes were holding in big numbers, looking like stones at the bottom. All three fishermen jumped into the bay and in a minute Alberto hooked a beautiful female, first time with a spey rod. As soon as he was landing the fish Patrik shouted “its going, its going”… a huge train swimming like crazy was emptying the LAGERLOF home made reel. It took around 25 minutes and without net Alberto with both hands landed this big mama from the tail. We measured the fish and put it back safe. No words… just huge! But the day was not over, another big male was landed at the river while this was taking place, Anders was doing it again for the Spors team.


Day 5 and 6 were slower than the first ones, but landing a few fishes more. Meta was changing strategy and using non weighed flies and surprising everyone with a good 9 kilo male, Landing it on her own. The activity was affected by the cold, rain and wind that were putting the fish down. Also a lack of new fishes in the pools was making the ones in more alert and extremely selective.


Last morning, the Spors team were relaxing a bit and doing one of many excursions you can do on the estancia and were stunned by the amazing view of the glacier Upsala and the river valley from high ground. In the meantime, Patrik and both guides were chasing some kings at the Walle Stone. You could count the fish but making them bite was another story.

Number of fish landed: 14
Top Rod: Patrik Lagerlof 4 kings
Bigger fish caught: 60lb
Top fly: black leech

By Guide Juan Manuel Biott