Glacier King – Weekreport IV


28 Apr Glacier King – Weekreport IV


Beginning of March is a switch between some fishes and more fishes at Caterina river. From the lake to the river kings start to search for fast water, but still in “alert mode”, some backs on the surface in stony fast waters. Very exciting!

This week, Marius from Lithuania and Vadim x 2 from Byelorussia came to catch their biggest fish ever for fresh water. Very talented fly casters with many years of experience in Russia mainly.

Day 1 Juan and Tomas (guides) led the team to the mouth of the river where the week before they could see a lot of movement. Fish was there but extremely hard to get and also the wind was hard enough to keep the lake away from our flies. Eventhough it was amazing to see the kings jumping out of the water in the middle of the waves.

Day 2 was holding pools days. Fishing hard some of the best pools of the mid section of the river. We could count many, and soon enough we got the first two fishes and lost 2 more. Heavy leeches and blue and black eg sucking leech were the best patterns. Scagit lines with tip 14 and some scandi shooting heads were the most effective combinations. Some good wine at dinner and great gourmet food kept the spirit up for the next day.

Day 3 was Mammoth bay. This bay is an hour and 15 minutes walk from the mid section of the river. So Juan and Tomas grab some good backpacks and the same for the team and start the journey. Although is long walk the landscape keeps you awake and excited all the time. Walking along eroded stones, passing trough cold water creeks and looking at the big Cerro Norte pic makes you feel insignificant but very fortunate and alive. As we got to the bay we could see some huge black shadows on the bottom. We counted more than 30 fishes all around the bay.
The first one was hooked by Marius, he could see the follow and the take, rapidly Tomas landed the fish on the net and took some quick pics to put him back. As soon as this happened, “older Vadim” hooked a very healthy and strong female that took him for a ride. This one took a few minutes more to land but after a good fight the hen came to the net followed by some screaming!!!
We fished the mouth one more time without success and ended up at the mid section of the river where “younger Vadim got a big male close to 20 kilos.
Some good malbec to celebrate and some 24 year old RON.

Day 4 is half day fishing before the ferry departs at 5pm. We focused on the mid section again and “younger Vadim” lost a big fish on the Channel. That one we could never seen, it was coming upstream deep on the ground most of the time.

Total fish landed: 5
Total fish lost: 5
Biggest fish: 42pds