13 Jun 2 weeks Las Buitreras with Steffen Juhl/Salmon Junkies (Sweden) January 2017



Dates: 7-14 & 14-21. January 2017

42KM of private water – both banks.


Lodge-record: 31 1/2 lb. (weighted) seatrout.


English, Swedish & Russian speaking host

Follow Steffan Juhl, founder of Salmon Junkies, to what fuels his addiction the most. Swinging flies in untoched waters for big chrome fish.

The incomparable Rio Gallegos meanders more than 360km through desolate pampa wastelands before if finally merges into the raging atlantic ocean close to the straight of magellan. In it’s ineffable beauty a journey worth itself, it becomes the cynosure of dedicated fly anglers world wide as soon as the winter ice melts to expose the rivers so sought after searun browntrout. While their sheer size of up to 30lb+ leaves anglers and spectators alike awestruck, it’s their raging temper beyond compare that feeds the addiction of getting connected to these fish. Solid Adventures Las Buitreras lodge is home to the most prolific beats on the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40 kms of both sides private water comprising over 50 named pools!


The Las Buitreras section of this stunning river is our own little chrome treasure and once it grab holds of you it never lets go. The fishing is exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, obviating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment. Fishing is mainly done using single hand rods or light double hand rods rigged with floating or slow intermediate lines. Long casting is not the focus but rather to control the fly and always be ready. The takes are often violent and these fish really puts on a show once they are hooked! It is this variety in combination with the visually inspiring mountainous outcrops, that makes this part of the Rio Gallegos quite simply one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. Sometimes explosive, always challenging, fishing for sea trout requires a level of skill, watercraft and understanding that can frustrate the average salmon angler. However, armed with the correct knowledge to unlock these secrets the fishing on the Rio Gallegos can be immensely rewarding and highly addictive.


Steffen Juhl (Born 1961) started to fish in the bathtub and his parents’ flooded basement just after he could walk – When he was 12 years old he took off on a new path and began flyfishing. After a military carrier, Steffen was a fire fighter in Copenhagen for eighteen years. Beside Steffen’s job in Copenhagen, he was also working as a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines, and a fly-fishing instructor for the Danish sport fishing association.

Steffen started to travel in the former Soviet Union in the early nineties, fishing remote areas like the Kamatcka Peninsula in the Russian Far East. Steffen has been working as a camp manager on the Kola Peninsula since 1994 setting up and managing some of the world’s finest salmon rivers like Umba, Kharlovka, Rynda, Yokanga and Ponoi.


Besides Russia, Steffen has put thousands of miles behind him, pursuing the elusive and precious prey, Sea run Salmon and trout.

After working for several of the biggest tour operators and tackle companies for many years, Steffen decided to separate and go solo with his Salmon Junkies company in 2010 in order to redefine Salmon fishing and the changing demands for good affordable salmon fishing. Main task – to make salmon fishing accessible to as many hard-core Salmon and Trout anglers as possible.

Another key issue for Steffen has always been a strong and friendly relationship to his many guests staying and passing through his fishing camps.

When he is not in “out there” swinging his Spey rod Steffen lives in Sweden at famous Salmon and Sea trout river Mörrum ,

A true Salmon Junky with a lifelong addiction!

To sign up for this hosted trip, please contact Steffen directly via email: sj@salmonjunkies.com


Into The Void - Las Buitreras

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