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23 Mar Week report 11 Las Buitreras 2017

There are so many elements that goes into a succesful fishing trip. Attitude, expectations, skill level, experince and many more. However, perhaps the most important and the only one impossible to affect for an angler is the condition of the river or water you are about to fish during your relatively short trip!

This group arrived on the same day as a major flood, water rising by over a meter over night making it look more like chocolate than water and full of weed and dirt dragged along. Fishing was more or less impossible with weed sticking to your line every cast and the visibility being zero to none.


Luckily the group consisted of 100% optimists and noone allowed the conditions to bring the mood or spirits of the group down. Lines were flying all over the river and somehow a couple of fish were still being hooked and landed during the first couple of days. Aleksander from Russia and Bengt Åke from Sweden decided to give the fishing a rest for one day when conditions looked the worst and went on a day excursion to see the Petito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate.

Aussie team Steve, Lester and Judith kept working hard all week and managed to land some nice fish by the end of the week! Well deserved to some of the nicest and most humble anglers we’ve had all season!


Magnus Gunnarson from Mustad Hooks arrived mid week and managed to land a couple of nice fish, the stand out being a fresh 21 lbs chromer from Turning Bank on the last day of the week.


Christer Sjöberg, using some of his experince after fishing this river for more than 16 years straight landed fish as always and had a handful in the 12 – 18 lbs range the last 2 days of the week.


Our close friends Gary and entertainer Michael Blakely were both working hard all week. Michael doing his thing as always manged to land some nice ones including a couple of fresh fish from a new zone of the river currently being scouted for next season. Gary finished the week off in style by landing a solid 23 lbs fish in El Henrikh that turned out to be the biggest landed of the week!

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By the end of the week the river shaped pretty good so the group had more or less 2 days of decent conditions and really delivered when they had a chance. All members of the group landed fish and also lost a couple of really good ones. As is the case with fishing the big ones are the ones that gets away and that’s just the way it is!

Total number of Seatrout landed: 32
Biggest landed: 23 lbs by Gary

Total number of Brown trout landed: 50 +
Biggest: 5 lbs

Conditions: High and Dirty for the first 4 days. Cleared up by the end of the week. The water temperature dropped dramatically with the flood and remainled low all week. Thursday and Friday afternoon had some good fishing, probably because the sun warmed up the water enough for the fish to be more active.