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29 Mar Week report 3 Glacier King 2017

Week 3 of the season we saw a large group of guys from Poland arriving directly from a week of seatrout fishing at Las Buitreras. The group was really motivated to get some big kings and had huge expectations on what to come. All of the anglers had already fished for salmon in many destinations around the world so experience was definitely on the table.
We changed our strategy a little bit this time to fit this number of anglers, wich was in total 7 plus the group leader and host grzegorz. Dividing the river into beats was a perfect idea making it fair fishing for everyone.
As soon as the fishing started we didn’t concentrate on the main holding pools anymore. The kings are now moving more and they can be seen on runs and in shallower water. The fishermen were totally impressed with average size and the large numbers of visible fish. It is easier to put the fly in the correct way like this.
Talking about numbers, the group lost 30 fish and landed 21.
Weights reached up to 70.1 lbs setting once more the bar higher.
Conditions on the river were pretty good. We had more water throughout the week and the weather behaved. Lots of rain in the Estancia but snow up in the mountains kept it at a good level.
Best fly of the week was a creation called ”Pollo’s killer”,,, again!

Poland team27
Poland team46

Week’s funny story, Maciej and Rafal were with Tomas on Upper 1 beat. The fish were on plain sight and the guys were excited. Maciej’s cast was the evidence of that. After few tugs each, Rafal is shouting ’fish on’. He’s on the upper part of the run called Trinchera. He’s fight lasted few seconds. A nice Queen had just made 3 amazing jumps out of the water making loud splashes. On the third one, the hook was off.


Couple minutes after, Maciej is on. This time it didn’t jump and after hard work and running like hell 500 meters downstream, they landed that fish. A nice male. Motivation is even higher. For Maciej the story continues, hooking another fish and this time bigger and stronger. He couldn’t move this King. Size and river current made them run again downstream for 600 meters avoiding boulders and slippery shorebank. Hard work for sure. Right after that epic landing, they soon realized it was HUGE. This ended up being the Glacier King of the Week. Nice Maciej!!

gregs las big ones25
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