08 Mar Week report 8 Las Buitreras 2017

Week 8 we welcomed our long time friends Ginny and Dave back to the lodge, this time accompanied by Seth. We also had a group of new clients from Poland led by their host Greg as well as Per from Sweden and Thomas from Germany!


The river was still low like the week before but with plenty of fish in the pools. However with these conditions they can be tricky to get a bite of but everyone was putting in some serious work to make it happen!


The zone that worked best was Zone 1 with beats like C-pool and 75 catching fish throughout the week. The weather was classical Patagonian with everything from 20 degrees and sun to strong winds and rain.


All in all, the group managed to hook a good amount of fish and land approximately half of them. Top rod of the week belonged to very experienced salmon angler Rafal who managed to land 11 seatrout.


The Polish group is moving on to try their luck with Glacier King after Las Buitreras and we believe they will do great with the skill and determination shown here during the week

Number of seatrout landed: 49
Biggest: 16 lbs – Ginny and Edward

Number of Brown trout: 108
Biggest: 5 lbs