About Us

”Trailblazing the way for passionate destination anglers worldwide is a mission that has no space for sub-standards. Fishing is our passion and profession, scouting our soul”


Solid Adventures is a travel company offering exceptional world wide fishing destinations, hosted fishing trips and fishing adventures. The company was started in 1991 under the name Loop Adventures but was renamed to Solid Adventures 2011. In 1990-91 we were the first to scout and later offer fly fishing trips to the Kola Peninsula in Russia and has ever since been exploring and scouting the planet, looking for unfished waters and potential destinations off the beaten path to share with passionate destination anglers.


The Story

It all started back in 1991 when Christer Sjöberg first set foot in the south of the White Sea, deep in Russia. In the hunt for untouched salmon and trout waters this is where we first landed. After spending nearly 3 years exploring literally all potential waters to be found Christer left with bags full of crazy stories and unbelievable memories but unfortunately he couldn’t find a place solid enough for setting up a long term camp. However, those days would come…
With the experiences of the the first attempt of taming Russias salmon waters fresh in mind we came back a year later, a little wiser but just as keen and this time we set foot on the Kola Peninsula. We didn’t know it then but this was the place we would come back to for the next 12 years experiencing better salmon and trout fishing than what we could have ever dreamed of!
Under the name “Flyfish in Kola” we operated camps in Kharlovka, Rynda, Litza, Yokan- ga and of course our Russian jewel, the lodge in Umba! We were also running trout pro- grams on the tundra for hardcore trout fishermen wanting to explore real wilderness and spectacular fishing. The fishing on the Kola Peninsula was beyond belief and the “Kola feeling” – a real belief that you will actually get a bite every time the fly hits the water – is something I wish for everyone to experience!
In 1997/98 we produced two award winning films from Kola together with famous film- maker Martin Falklind, “Atlantic Salmon – The Last Kingdom”, and “Brown Trout – The Last Kingdom” reflecting the fishing and the general situation of the species in these basically untouched waters.
In 2006 we left Kola Peninsula as operators in order to have more time exploring other parts of the world such as Patagonia and Central America and as the 2015 season draws closer we are looking at programs in no less than three continents offering some of the best and most spectacular destinations and fishing on this planet!


The Solid way

Solid Adventures destination guidelines are based on local interaction, sustainable fishing operations while offering products worthy destination anglers.
Our destinations are all based on catch and release fishing, nursing local resurces for sustainable long term operations, and involving the local communities as much as possible.

Founder of Loop Tackle Design and Solid Adventures his merits speaks for themselves. Been in the sport fishing industry for more than 35 years and was one of the pioneers in opening up Russia to the sport fishing world back in the early 1990’s. He was also one of the first offering fly fishing in Cuba and is one of the more well known names in the fly fishing world. A true inventor his passion for fly fishing and product innovation and development has been the leading star in his career and is what saw Loop Tackle Design turn into a world wide recognized brand. Today all his focus lies with Solid and to offer passionate anglers the fishing trip of their life, to share his world with like minded anglers.

Christer Sjöberg

Founder & CEO

Born and raised with a rod in his hand, being the first son of Christer his path in life was pretty much set since day one! After more than 10 years with Loop Tackle Design, learning the ins and outs of the tackle industry decided to follow his passion and moved on to Solid Adventures! After spending most of 2013 scouting Indonesia together with Stephan and finally introducing Location GTX to the world he is today one of the main scouts for Solid spending most of his days on the water.

Rickard Sjöberg

Marketing Manager & Expedition Scout

Professional photographer and fly caster has already fished and seen more places in this world than most will do in a life time. Stephan, whos passion and dedication for fishing is something out of the ordinary have not only travelled and fished the world but can also add camp manager at Solid Adventures Las Buitreras lodge, location manager at Location GTX, hundreds of articles and photos published in world wide fishing magazines, former pro-team member and co-rod designer for Loop Tackle Design to his merits. Creator of the world wide recognized community”Fly Fishing Nation”. Stephan is today one of the main scouts and explorers for Solid spending most of his days on the water.

Stephan Gian Dombaj Jr.

Staff Photographer & Expedition Scout