Long before Solid Adventures was founded, the driving forces behind the project would take it for granted that a conscious, low impact approach towards fishery management and our natural resources is the only way for a sustainable development. As guides, scouts and trailblazers with a long history of destination angling and equally many hours on the water, we do know about the impact of tourism and human-caused change on a fragile ecosystem. From a financial point of view, it is only logical to conserve and nurture the fishing resources that we have been given. As anglers we do know though, that it’s much more than just a financial return of investment. It is our responsibility to leave nothing but footprints, to guarantee that our future generations will be able to eyewitness the great outdoors as we do. Conservation is much more than just “liking” a cause on a social media page, it is a first step though. Every day, dedicated and ambitious scientists, conservationists and simply outdoorsy people with a mission are out in the field, fighting for a cause and for a change. We actively aid and support local, regional and international conservation efforts – because we believe in it. Educational components for both the anglers and local communities.


Solid Adventures supports Patagonia's #SAVEDORADOS cause on both the active research and fundraising front. The Dorado Research Team examines the stress physiology of Golden Dorados in order to provide a deeper understanding and handling guidelines for recreational fishermen. Solid has deployed it's media team, The Fly Fishing Nation, to support Dr. Andy Danylchuk and his team on location. We strongly believe Andy's work and support his efforts with an exclusive Perk for his Indiego Campaign - One Week Las Buitreras. If you ever though about rewarding yourself or a loved one with Patagonia's rare gem distinguished by it's unique blend of history, landscape and amazing fishing and doing something good for the future of our fisheries, here's your chance:


As keen fishermen, we do mind the bigger picture… that's why Solid Adventure supports and aids conservational efforts even when we are not directly affected by their outcome. Solid has donated a week of fishing to the Mid-Atlantic Council Of Trout Unlimited`s online funding campaign. The funds go to support Trout Unlimited's conservational goals in the Mid-Atlantic Region. For more information:

Trout Conservation

Time on the water well spent. We do support BTT with genetic samples from most of our Saltwater destinations and scoutings. BTT Tarpon and Bonefish Program: Help the BTT whilst fishing for some of the most sought after gamefish on the planet. All you need to do is to collect a scale or fin sample (depending on the species) and some additional information. The goal of this program is to analyze the genetic population structure of tarpon to determine if there is a single, regional tarpon population or multiple sub-populations. This will determine to what extent the overall tarpon conservation strategy should focus on a single, regional-scale approach, or on multiple, local-scale, conservation measures. To obtain a kit of tarpon scale sample envelopes, please contact :, or 321-674-7758.

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Scouting with a conscience. Scouting means a whole lot more than just fishing uncharted areas. Besides the fundamental pre-trip intelligence period, our guides and scouts spent an extended amount of time teaching the local communities the importance of their resources, how to use and manage these resources properly and most of all sustainably. Throughout the GTX scouting, our team has collected DNA samples of countless fish-species and we have also introduced the first T-Tag GT study in the area of Raya Ampad in order to trace GT movements.

Genetic Studies - Coral Triangle