Eagle Valley Lodge – Dry Fly Paradise


Eagle Valley   Fly Fishing Clinic

We are very happy to present this great and very rare opportunity to combine world class fly fishing at Eagle Valley Lodge in Southern Patagonia with a casting clinic and fly fishing school with the 2017 spey world champion Tellis Katsogiannos! 

Tellis is an internationally certified flycasting instructor as well as former world champion in spey casting.


During the week we will have daily workshops and each participant will receive hours of personal attention where we work on fine-tuning everything at your personal level. This type of arrangement suits all anglers at all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced anglers. Everyone will get something new to think about and we guarantee you will leave an improved caster and angler. Apart from the personal sessions Tellis will go through the basics of flycasting as well as the more advanced casting mechanics.

Apart from the clinics and private sessions, which will be based entirely on each participants own interest, all anglers will be able to fish as much as they want, from daylight to sunset and beyond if requested.

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your casting and fishing skills while enjoying absolute world-class dry fly fishing in stunning Southern Patagonia.

Spots are limited to 6 anglers so don’t hesitate


More information about Eagle Valley Lodge can be found 

at www.solidadventures.com


Dates: November 17 – 23, 2018

Price: 4990USD from El Calafate 


Included: All inclusive lodging (wine and beer included), water and softdrinks, transfers between Calafate and Eagle Valley Lodge, casting clinic and personal sessions with Tellis, fishing, guiding


Not included: flights and hotel during the travel, gratuity (rec.10%)

About  Tellis Katsogiannos


Tellis has worked for more then 12 years with fly fishing and fly casting. He never settles and keeps searching answers to improve himself as a fly fisherman, caster and instructor. Fly fishing has been a part of his life for more then 22 years since he started with it at the age of 11. He is a internationally certified instructor for both single hand and double hand and has been very successful with his tournament casting, holding 14 titles in the Swedish championships and has achived bronze, silver and gold in the official World Championship in Spey casting! His biggest passion in his line of work is instructing and helping others to improve, and also doing that by designing and producing his own small brand och fly rods and lines.

Eagle Valley Lodge – Dry Fly Paradise


Fishing surface flies like poppers, gurglers, or even mouse imitations, is in our opinion as exciting as it gets. At Eagle Valley, this is exactly what we do! Skate a mouse pattern across the stream and watch aggressive Rainbows hitting it with full force! All in a clear stream where you see everything happening from your fly hitting the water until its torn to pieces by huge rainbow trout!

The fishing area consists of two lakes connected by a 3 km stream. The upper lake is deeper with crystal clear water while the lower lake, connected to the larger by the stream, is shallower and more colorful. The fish are spread out between both lakes and are found all over the river, which offers anglers an array of techniques to try. Everything from skated dry flies and bombers to fast retrieved streamers have been tested with great results. Both lakes contain shallow sections facilitating wading and sight fishing, very similar to fishing on bonefish flats. With the biggest fish caught so far weighing in at over 8 kg we are quite optimistic for that record to be broken during the first official fishing season in 2018! Fishing this location does not require any difficult wading. While fishing in the stream requires almost no wading at all, wading in the lake consists of maneuvering over solid bottom and through relatively shallow water.

Eagle Valley Lodge is the latest addition to our list of world class fly fishing destinations in Southern Patagonia. This unique rainbow trout destination is situated within a private Estancia where Solid Adventures maintains exclusive fishing rights. The fishing season at Eagle Valley starts in November and runs until early April. Eagle Valley is the perfect destination for anglers seeking to maximize adrenaline flow and spectacular strikes. It is also offered as part of a combination trip to our other destinations in Southern Patagonia. Contact us for more info on availability and combination offers