Eagle Valley Lodge – Patagonia


Dear friends

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then a completely new and unknown fishing spot makes its way into the limelight of the fishing society! Such was the case when we introduced Lago Strobel as Jurassic Lake in 2006. The same can be said about Las Buitreras, Glacier King, and our Jungle Tarpon Reserve programs, all spectacular, formerly unknown spots that is making their ways into most anglers “must go” lists!


Today it’s time to officially introduce yet another completely new place to the world of traveling anglers
– Eagle Valley Lodge, Patagonia!


This amazing rainbow fishery consists of two lakes connected by a river. We have monitored the fishing closely over the last couple of years to see how the population of rainbow would develop and we are more than impressed by the way things have progressed. We have seen them spawn several times already and the average weight of the fish is today between 3-5 kg with bigger fish around.