Eagle Valley is situated within a private Estancia where Solid Adventures maintains exclusive fishing rights for the entire area. The upper lake is deeper with crystal clear water while the lower lake, connected to the larger by a 3 km stream, is shallower and more colorful. The fish are spread out between both lakes and are found all over the river, which offers anglers an array of techniques to try. Everything from skated dry flies and bombers to fast retrieved streamers have been tested with great results. Both lakes contain shallow sections facilitating wading and sight fishing, very similar to fishing on bonefish flats. With the biggest fish caught so far weighing in at over 8 kg we are quite optimistic for that record to be broken during the first official fishing season in 2018!


Recommended equipment for this place includes light tackle in the 5 – 6 weight range. Anglers can go lighter or heavier depending on personal preference but considering the average size of these fish, we don’t recommend using anything lighter than 5 weight rods. Fishing in the river will largely consist of sight fishing, where anglers will have the privilege of trying to target specific fish with either skated dry flies or basically whatever technique they prefer. We recommend anglers use premium reels with enough room to allow for at least 150 yards of backing, otherwise you’d better be ready to run.


Fishing this location does not require any difficult wading. While fishing in the stream requires almost no wading at all, wading in the lake consists of maneuvering over solid bottom and through relatively shallow water.



Dry Fly Paradise

If fishing Dry flies of Surface flies is your thing then look no further! Stalking fish in the clear streams and presenting a skated surface fly or popper will have the Rainbows creating bow waves and hit the flies in explosions of water! Get ready to have your adrenaline levels racing!