Eagle Valley is part of a private Estancia where we have exclusive rights for the entire fishing area. It consists of two lakes connected by a 2 km long stream. There is also a second clear water stream holding big amounts of fish. The upper lake is deep with crystal clear water while the lower lake is shallow with colored water. Fish is spread out between the lakes and all over both streams so there is many different ways and techniques to try. Everything from skated dry flies and bombers, to fast retrieve streamers has been tested with great results. There are also shallow sections that can be waded and sight fished much like a bonefish flat. With the biggest fish being caught so far weighing over 6 kg we are quite optimistic that record will be broken during the first official season in 2018!


Dry Fly Paradise

If fishing Dry flies of Surface flies is your thing then look no further! Stalking fish in the clear streams and presenting a skated surface fly or popper will have the Rainbows creating bow waves and hit the flies in explosions of water! Get ready to have your adrenaline levels racing!