Testimonial – Tellis Katsogiannos, Sweden


Recently myself, and my good friends Patrik and Andreas got the chance to be the first small group to explore The new Eagle valley program by Solid Adventures. We had great expectations after emailing with Solid Adventures and their partners Tres Amigos whilst planning for our trip to Patagonia. And let me tell you that already the first day, every expectation that we had was met.


This place offers you great variation in fly fishing and gives you the opportunity to try every technique you can think of, and still catch a great amount of fish. Everything from casting short casts with high accuracy in the stream, to bombing those long casts in the lakes. We had beautiful rainbows attacking our flies from every corner. In the surface or in the depths, it did not matter! The most fun we had was of course fishing with dry flies and skating flies and they work just as good in the stream as in the big clear lake. Even though we fished this area after the potential prime time and during really low water, we still got a huge amount of fish and they were everywhere.


The average size of the fish was higher in the stream and around 7 lbs, hitting 10-11 lbs for the biggest fish. The clear lake had huge schools of fish and an average weight around 5lbs with some fish hitting the 8lbs mark. The potential for this place in nothing but remarkable and for the fly fisherman that enjoys fishing with 5-7 weight rods, loaded with floating or intermediate lines will absolutely love this place. And whatever you do, do not forget to bring big dry flies, you will thank me later!