Wading Jacket

Solid Volterra Jacket – V2

We are very happy to present our Solid Adventures Volterra Wading Jacket! The Volterra Wading jacket is specifically designed to meet the high requirements of fly fisherman wanting nothing but the best in their arsenal of gear! 


The Concept

It took us three decades of fishing around the globe to create the very last jacket that you will ever need! Water- & windproof where and when it really matters! On the trip of a lifetime or on your local water, this jacket offers maximum comfort at any given time and place!


The Solid Volterra Wading Jacket is a true fly fisherman’s jacket designed for long days on the water facing all kinds of weather. It is based on functionality, style and comfort! We believe perfection is in the details and this is where our comprehensive experience and knowledge really makes a difference! Using one of the most advanced fabrics on the market, Schoeller WB-formula, while perfecting every detail we designed a jacket that makes fishing in any weather a comfortable experience allowing you to focus on the fishing! Creating perfect comfort and functionality was our goal and fine-tuning the small but super important details such as armcuffs, zippers, carry systems and pockets to the last inch was our mission! This is a true “No Compromises” jacket and we know you will love it! 



Four-way-stretch, breathable, waterproof high tec fabric made in Switzerland… Just good enough for what we do.

The Schoeller WB Formula fabric is a 100% waterproof material that adjusts its breathing to the temperature of your body. When you are hot, it breathes more, when you are cold, it closes up and helps you stay warm. The 4-way stretch, 100% water proof fabric is much softer than what you are used to in todays wading jackets making it super comfortable.



Cuffs – a detail that seems so easy to design but still has proven so hard to perfect when looking at all the wading jackets our team have gone through over the years. We spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort just to get this little detail right and we are happy to say we finally nailed it! Soft, yet tight enough not to let water in when reaching for the fish with straps that will sit tight and not collect any line when you are casting.



The hood is designed to follow your heads movement so that you don’t end up staring into your own hood when turning your head quickly. The vizor can be formed with your hand to fit the way you like. When you don’t use the hood it is kept in place using a magnet on the neck of the jacket.


Features that makes a difference

  • Using a premium quality 4-way stretch fabric allowed us to design a jacket with a slightly tighter European look but still roomy enough to fit that extra sweater or fleece jacket for the colder days. Seamless mobility is the key to a good wading jacket. 
  • The Schoeller Fabric we have used is a breathable wind and water-proof fabric in 4 way stretch with permanent elasticity. It is moisture and vapor permeable and offers the highest level of comfort!
  • Chest pockets designed to make sure your fly box stays in place and don’t slide down under your arm hindering your casting.
  • Tool pocket with leader dispenser – Pockets are designed to keep your pliers and tools hidden and protected yet easily accessible during fishing. Therefore we have used a magnet to hold the pocket in place when the zipper is open during fishing.
  • All pockets are placed high on the jacket allowing for deep wading
  • Arm-pockets with waterproof zippers fits most smartphones and smaller cameras
  • Fleece-lined hand-warmers
  • Drainage holes in all pockets including the hand warmers allows for quick and easy drying when needed
  • Hood with adjustable brim – The hood is designed to provide maximum movability and visibility by smoothly following your head movements, never blocking your sight. A Magnet will hold the hood in place on your back when not used.
  • Hidden, watertight cuffs in soft neoprene allowing you to dig deep for fish! With hidden cuff straps you never have to worry about catching the line during casting.
  • Reinforced, non-slippery shoulder portions to help your back-pack stay in place and to add extra resistance where it is most needed! The shoulders are one of the most exposed parts of a wading jacket due to the wear from bags as well as constant exposure during rain. 
  • Fleece on the inside of the neck and zipper garage for a comfortable feeling!
  • 2-way waterproof ventilation zippers 
  • Three D-rings for attaching your wading staff, net or other items


Sizing: Wear your normal size

Price: €590

Free shipment within EU

Make sure to get your hands on this one of a kind fishing jacket by contacting us at info@solidadventures.com or call +46 (0)76 – 166 26 29