The 8-mile-long Rio Caterina drains from a high plateau lagoon called Lago Anita into Argentina’s largest freshwater lake, Lago Argentino. From the end of December through mid-April, massive amounts of King salmon run up-river. This fish run usually peaks from February to mid-March where the sheer number and size of fish are quite spectacular. During this period, anglers often spot fish moving through or standing in deep runs, hence, we mainly fish intermediate lines with sink tips rigged with big intruders. Most of the fish encountered are fresh and silver colored.


Come mid-March the number of fish in the river increase and they start changing to a darker color. The fish are now showing a very aggressive behaviour and anglers can see big fish fighting over territory in the shallow, fast runs of the river. The fishing during this later part of the season is mainly done with intermediate lines and intruders or even sinking lines with Bombers and surface flies.


Daily schedule

A normal fishing day at Glacier King begins at 8:30 AM after guests have enjoyed the typical Patagonian breakfast buffet served at the Estancia. Your guides will meet you up outside the main lodge and drive 20 minutes to the mid-section of the river where we start the fishing. If you want to stay fishing for the whole day without returning to the Estancia, lunch will be served by the river. For those that might prefer to return to the Estancia for a sit down lunch that option is available every day as well.

After lunch we fish until evening when we return to the Estancia for dinner and relaxation.