Big fishes in a mid size river is an explosive combination. Caterina river is 8 miles long from the mouth in Anita Lake to the exit on Argentino Lake. Fishing begins 830hs after a typical patagonic breakfast on the lodge. We drive 20 minutes to the mid-section of the river (the most productive) and decide the strategy for the day. If we stay fishing for the whole day without returning to the lodge, a snack is prepared by the chef and we have lunch by the river. The option of getting back to the lodge and enjoy a gourmet lunch is available every day.

February is usually the best month for kings in very good conditions, you can hook two or three kings in a good day, and land half of them. March has more kings in the system, some of them are already becoming darker as the spawning season is about to start (late March). They become very aggressive and the fishing is done all over the river with intermediate sinking lines, and even floating lines with big dries. You can catch more kings and see how they move upstream in bigger numbers.