Big fish in a mid size river makes for an explosive combination. King Salmon reacts to and attacks the flies based on irritation and their aggressive behavior allows for spectacular takes and hard fights! Many times anglers have been forced to either give a fish up or run 3 or 4 pools back and forth just to be able to keep a fish on the reel!


Caterina river is 8 miles long from the mouth in Anita Lake to the exit in Argentino Lake. Anglers can use heavier single hand rods in the 10 – 12 weight range or switch or double hand rods in the 8 – 10 weight range. Some pools are perfect for bigger double hand rods while some are better suited for single hand or switch rods.


Late January through February is the best time for catching fresh Kings. During this month anglers can expect to hook two or three on a good day and expect to land one out of two hooked under normal circumstances. March has more kings in the system, some of them are already becoming darker as the spawning season is about to start (late March). They become very aggressive and the fishing is done all over the river.


A normal fishing day begins at 8.30 am after having a big breakfast at the lodge. We drive 20 minutes to the midsection of the river where our fishing day begins. We normally fish until around 1 pm when we return for lunch and siesta at the lodge. At 4 pm we go back to the river for the afternoon/ evening session that lasts until around 8 pm when we go back to the lodge for dinner.