Tackle and Technique


Single hand rods: 9 – 10 foot  rods in weight classes #10, 11 or 12

Switch rods: 11-12 foot rods in weight classes #9, 10 or 11

Double hand rods: 12 – 14 foot rods in weight classes #8, 9 or 10


Lines: Floating, Intermediate and sinking lines are all being used throughout the season. We recommend to bring at least one of each along with various Sinking tips and poly leaders. Make sure to bring easy to cast lines, preferably with shorter head lengths making them easy to lift anf shoot without excessive overhead casting.

Flies: Intruders and articulated leeches are the normal ”go to” flies but this is fishing and sometimes  nymph patterns and other flies not found in the normal King Salmon assortment works like a charm!