Tackle and Technique


If we were to recommend one set up for Glacier King it would be a 9 wt (13 ft) double-hand rod rigged with a float or intermediate shooting head with interchangeable tips covering float to fast sink. Additional recommendations are as follows:


Single-hand rods: 10-12 wt (9-10 ft)
Switch rods: 9-10 wt (10-12 ft)
Double-hand / Spey rods: 9-10 wt (12’4-14 ft)


Make sure you have a reel with a premium brake system that can fit at least 250 yards of 50 lb backing.


Skagit lines and several tips (T7-14), additional full sinking shooting heads (deep water express) and clear intermediate shooting heads for low water situations. We recommend using 50 lb mono shooting running lines. Please come equipped with spare gear – these fish swim 1,000 miles to spawn and don’t mind swimming an extra mile to lose your fly.


Regular king salmon and winter steelhead patterns such as intruders and articulated leeches are ideal; patterns in black, blue, fuchsia, and red contrast well with the blue, glacier colored water.


Leader / Tippet:
We recommend that you bring fluorocarbon or monofilament tippet material in the 25-40 lb range.


To be on the safe side we recommend to bring spare gear – these fish swim 1000 miles to spawn, they don’t mind swimming another mile to get rid of a fly.