The river

King Salmon have arrived to Southern Patagonic waters. In this lonely place of the Andes they have developed a numerous population that grows every year due to the really low fishing pressure and not having many predators above them. Every year Chinook Salmon go upriver from the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the whole Santa Cruz river and then the Argentinian Lake (the biggest in the country) to arrive to these waters. This river has 8 miles of length, fed by glaciers and smaller creeks that descent from the mountains; surrounded by the most amazing and wonderful scenery. Fishing for King Salmon is very particular. Its different states make this fishing variable on the aggressiveness, amount of takes and the length of a fight. Kings react by irritation, they are very territorial and their senses are highly developed.  The river has an stable colony of King Salmon that amazes by its number. The weight of these fish go up to 50pds and bigger.