Rio Parana – Golden Dorado, Argentina

Close to the Paraguayan border one will find himself surrounded by Toucans, Monkeys, Crocodiles and a magnificent jungle while floating down the river and continuously covering submerged logs and structure close to the bank. At a given time, in the right spot, a ferocious gold bar will rip the fly line out of your hand and ring the bell for a violent fight on a lightweight flyrod. Acrobatic jumps, heavy deep pumps and blistering runs…they offer the vast portfolio of dirty tricks to get rid off the fly. But it’s not only the Golden Dorado that is worth coming here. Besides the beautiful and rugged countryside of north Argentina, river Parana holds plenty of Pira Pita, Pacu, Tararira and Piranha that will show no mercy or restrains to tear the last piece of thread off the hook. This action packed adventure demands full attention at any time. Every single landmark or piece of structure holds fish which means trouble. With an average of 15 landed fish per rod/ per day and a fair chance to hook into 15- 25lb fish every session one will enjoy and appreciate the little siesta break at noon even more. 80 to100 contacts are pretty normal when the Rio Parana is considered to be on fire. This fast pace fishing will have you hooking a lot of fish but they will not be tamed easily and loosing fish mid air is part of the game!