On a normal day an angler will move and have contact with a vast amount of fish, sometimes up to a hundred. During normal circumstances an average fisherman can expect to land approximately 10 Golden Dorados per session, with at least one tipping the scale at 15 lbs+.


Even though Golden Dorado will count for most of the strikes and is our main target there are a large variety of other fish like the Pirá Pitá, Pacu, Tararira and Piranha attacking the flies at any given time.


The English speaking guides will take you among this huge river to the most productive spots. The day is divided into two sessions to avoid the heat at noon, with a morning session from 6 to 11AM and afternoon session that starts around 4PM till sunset. Most of the fishing is done from the boats. All boats are very well equipped and have room enough to have both anglers fishing at the same time. They also have small electric engines for controlling the drift along the banks. The guides take you up and down river, looking for areas close to the banks where trees or branches come out from the water, breaking the current. The Golden Dorados hold and feed there. The way we fish is that we drift with the electric engines parallel to the bank, 15-20 meters away, trying to get your fly as close to the bank as possible, aiming for branches, logs and any kind of structure. Once your fly hits the surface you make 3 or 4 fast strips and if you don’t have an attack you strip in and cast again on a new target. This is the most dynamic fishing followed by the most aggressive takes and involves a lot of precision casting on the move. The best part is that if you miss your target you get a new chance almost immediately over and over again!