Dates: September/October 2016

A four rod operation with limited access

Giant tarpon up to 200 cm and more have been landed last year…

English, German, Swedish & Spanish speaking hosts

Be part of the “Jungle Tarpon Diaries No.2″ film together with FlyFishing Nation and HF Channel

Be part of something extraordinary! Follow our experienced media crew on location. Be part of the shooting of “Jungle Tarpon Diaries Vol.2!” Ban this ultimate angling adventure on still and motion pictures. The fulminat start of this expedition along with amazing catches left us in awe… and we are coming back for more. Rick and Stephan have fished and explored the world together. Both are looking back on a rich history of scouting and explorations around the planet and more than a decade of Saltwater-Tarpon angling…


Anglers can expect to fish from simple but efficient river pangas, with 2 anglers per boat taking turns on the bow. Since the environment is quite dynamic, fishing situations are also varied, ranging from sight casting at tarpon hunting or waking in shallow lagoons and creeks, waiting for tarpon to roll or break bait on the surface before presenting a fly, and blind casting in likely areas. There are even times when tarpon congregate at the mouth of one of the jungle’s many creeks and line up in feeding lanes like giant trout in an explosive feeding display one has to see to truly believe. As in most tarpon fishing worldwide, knowledge of distance casting and accurate presentation is a major asset, but due to the intimate jungle environment anglers can often get much closer to their quarry than in other global fisheries, making this a unique place to hone one’s skills. Overall, anglers can expect many shots at fish ranging from 60 to well over 200 pounds each day as the tarpon here are active feeding fish with very little exposure to fishing pressure.




Born and raised with a rod in his hand, being the first son of Christer his path in life was pretty much set since day one! After more than 10 years with Loop Tackle Design, learning the ins and outs of the tackle industry decided to follow his passion and moved on to Solid Adventures! After spending most of 2013 scouting Indonesia together with Stephan and finally introducing Location GTX to the world he is today one of the main scouts for Solid spending most of his days on the water.



Professional photographer and fly caster has already fished and seen more places in this world than most will do in a life time. Stephan, whos passion and dedication for fishing is something out of the ordinary have not only travelled and fished the world but can also add camp manager at Solid Adventures Las Buitreras lodge, location manager at Location GTX, hundreds of articles and photos published in world wide fishing magazines, former pro-team member and co-rod designer for Loop Tackle Design to his merits. Creator of the world wide recognized community”Fly Fishing Nation”. Stephan is today one of the main scouts and explorers for Solid spending most of his days on the water.


Jungle Tarpon Diaries Vol.1

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