Welcome to the jungle.  A vast system of rivers, creeks, lagoons, and lowland tropical rainforest, this  fishery is located in a hot and humid region of Costa Rica. The tarpon migrate into these immense landlocked flooded lagoons during the region’s “wet season”, and although most mornings start sunny and beautiful, passing storm fronts and heavy downpour are to be expected, especially later in the day. While this may sound intimidating, these rains are usually brief and often times nothing but refreshing. Mosquitos can be prevalent in early mornings and at last light, especially when fishing some of the tighter forested sections. Bring some protection in the form of long sleeved shirts, a light rain jacket, long pants, mosquito repellant, and you are good to go! During the days you will probably want to fish wearing shorts and a light fishing shirt, a cap or hat, and sunglasses. Shoes are optional as many anglers prefer to be barefoot when fishing from a boat.