Jurassic lake

Jurassic Lake has since we scouted it back in 2006 been the undisputed king among wild rainbow trout fisheries on this planet! The number of fish landed per person and week registered here is unmatched by a mile and the fact that the size and condition of the fish in the lake is mint doesn’t make it any less fantastic.


In fact, Jurassic Lake is the only place we have ever heard of where guests have literally fainted from catching too many fish! Yes, it has happened and the only reason it has not happened more often are our guides skilled temptations with food and drinks when they see a guest pushing it to close to the edge!

IMG_8775 (1)

The lake itself is nothing but a biological sensation and contains millions upon millions of fresh water shrimp (krill, scuds). The fish grow to huge sizes from only eating protein-rich shrimp year around.  This is simply the most Omega 3 fat fish you have ever seen. Yes, it’s possible to eat and taste a few fish during the stay and prepared by our private chef they taste absolutely delicious! We have also seen that the rainbows are making their way into the small stream (the only stream in the lake) to spawn almost every month of the year, as long as there is enough water in the river. All we can gather is that the vast numbers of rainbows has created its own ecological system and its unending food source has pushed these fish to year round spawning.