The average size fish over the last couple of years has been around 10 lb with the biggest landed so far measuring a stunning 120 cm  – not weighted! We have seen, and lost, even bigger ones. As far as numbers go we really don’t count fish at Jurassic Lake, as it is not important. But let us say there is enough fish to keep you busy the full day and for groups making an effort 600-800 landed per group and week is quite normal. For those who love a real challenge there is some great shallow water sight fishing to be had along the shorelines. It is not uncommon to see pods of giant fish cruising the edges in search for some easy pray. November to mid January the river offers some entertaining sight fishing using lighter gear in the #5-6 weight range and dry flies.



The fishing is from shore in the bay and includes easy wading in very cold water There is no need for long casts as fish is all over. Very slow retrieve is the way to go and the takes are nothing less then jolting.



The river fishing is easy and comfortable and no wading is needed. Use a 9’ #5 rod with a floating line rigged with a nymph or dry fly. This is real sight fishing and you will see the fish going for the fly.